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Guidelines issued by Google Pay to avoid UPI frauds

IamCheated.com Research Team | December 27, 2019  9:45:am

Guidelines issued by Google Pay to avoid UPI frauds

Google has made online payments a lot easier through its Google Pay app. Google Pay is a very popular digital wallet in the Unified Payments Interface (UPI)-based payments space. With the help of Google Pay, you can do a lot of things like money transfers, payment of utility bills, mobile recharge, online shopping, payments to merchants and so on. Within just a few years of its launch, Google Pay is being used by many people across the country. It is very convenient for payments and many people have stopped using other methods of payment after Google Pay was launched.

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As the number of people using Google Pay rises online, fraudsters are targeting people who use this app to cheat them and make quick money. Many people have been cheated by these fraudsters and lost lakhs of rupees. Fraudsters are inventing new ways to cheat people each day. So, Google has come up with an advisory explaining the ways in which users can avoid such frauds.

You might be aware on how Google Pay protects users money. It has two layers of protection. The first is the lock for the payment app and the second is entering the UPI PIN to complete the payment. Without entering the UPI PIN, your transaction won't be completed. Google has asked users to keep the UPI PIN confidential. UPI PIN is just like an ATM PIN and just as we don't share our ATM PIN, we must not share our UPI PIN as well.

One other thing you must always keep in mind is UPI PIN is required only to make payments and not to receive them. So, if you are asked to enter the UPI PIN to receive payments kindly ignore such messages or mails.

Google Pay has even advised users to download only trusted apps on their mobile phones. Before downloading any apps on your phone, make sure to check if they are genuine. This is because there are many fake apps created by fraudsters to cheat people.

Google Pay has asked users not to share personal details like PIN, SMS OTP, debit card details and so on with anyone, via email, forms or phone. In case you share these details with fraudsters, they will use it to carry out fraudulent transactions.

In case of any suspicious activity on your phone, contact Google Pay support. Google Pay has advised users to contact Google Pay support only through the Google Pay app or the toll-free number listed on their official website. You must never rely on the customer care number which comes up on the Google search as it might be a fake.

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