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Health Insurance Myths

IamCheated.com Research Team | December 31, 2018  6:52:pm

Availing a health insurance plan is a very important step in your life. It helps you save on the medical bills when you fall ill. Unfortunately, most Indians don't avail health insurance plans. This is mainly because they don't have a clear Idea on it. We will discuss various myths that revolve around health insurance plans in India.

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Health Insurance Myths

What is Health Insurance?

A health insurance policy covers hospitalization expenses within the term of the plan. You don't have to pay the medical bills out of your pocket, if you have a health insurance plan. Your hospitalization expenses are covered by the health insurance plan, if you have hospitalized for at least 24 hours. You can also avail family floater health insurance plan, to cover all family members under a single plan.

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Health Insurance Myths

1. No need to avail health insurance as I am still young and healthy:

Many people still believe that I am young and healthy, so there is no need to avail health insurance now. But this is not a good idea. Life is uncertain and anything can happen at any time, so it is always good to be prepared for the ups and downs of life. The right time to avail a health insurance plan is when you are still young and healthy. This is mainly because pre-existing diseases are covered by the health insurance companies, only after a certain waiting period. The waiting period may be 2-4 years depending on the insurer.

2. Cheaper policy is best

Many people believe that cheaper policies are good as you are not 100% sure you need the plan.  The fact is cheaper policies come with strictly restricted coverage and many features will be excluded from the policy.

3. Policy benefits begin from day one

Many people think that the benefits of a health insurance policy start from the day of availing the policy. The fact is, almost all the health insurance policies come with a ‘waiting period' of a minimum of 30 days.  No illnesses are covered during this waiting period, other than hospitalization due to an accident.

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4. Insurers reimburse all medical costs

Policyholders believe that insurance companies reimburse all medical costs. But the fact is, you get the reimbursement, only if you are hospitalized for at least 24 hours. The policy has sub-limits. For example, some policies come with a sub-limit on medical costs and some others come with a sub-limit on hospital room costs.

5. Availing health insurance online is not safe

Many people still believe, availing health insurance plans online are not safe and there are high chances of getting cheated. But the truth is, availing health insurance plans online is much safer than availing it through an agent. When you avail health insurance policies online, you avail it directly from the insurer without any intermediary. As there are no agents involved in online insurance, the commission amount saved by insurers is passed on to you and other customers. 

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