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Health insurance you buy online might be fake?

IamCheated.com Research Team | August 21, 2019  5:20:pm

Health insurance you buy online might be fake?

As medical expenses are increasing each day; it is very important to avail a health insurance plan. If you do not have a health insurance plan; medical expenses can burn a hole in your pocket.

The health insurance plan you buy; takes care of your medical expenses when you fall ill. But, what if the health insurance plan you have availed is a fake? You will not just lose the premium money; you will also have to bear the medical expenses. This has actually happened to many people.

Many people these days prefer to buy insurance plans online; due to various reasons like low cost, convenience, and hassle-free claim settlement. But unfortunately, fraudsters are taking advantage of this situation to cheat people and make quick money. Many fraudulent websites are set up in the name of genuine companies to sell fake insurance policies.

Recently, the general manager of a medical insurance company had filed a police complaint stating fraudsters had set up a fake website using the logo and the license number of the company. This website sells fake medical insurance policies to people with the intention of cheating them and making quick money.

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The fraud came to light after a person who was cheated by the bogus website; wrote an email to the original company on the fraud. This company has a license from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) and works under the terms and conditions provided by them. The insurance company has a total of 38 branches across India and two branches in Mumbai

The victim of this insurance fraud had written a mail to the insurance company stating the website called healthcare.in was cheating people by using the same license number provided by IRDA and the logo as well.

The website was selling fake insurance policies to people after collecting the money. The victim had taken a health insurance policy from the fake website by making the payment, but he never received the policy number. He then got to know he had been cheated and sent an email to the company.

Fraudsters are very smart, and entice people by showing a license number; supposedly provided by the IRDA and the logo of the original company. They had even put an advertisement on health insurance plans and healthcare products which never existed.  The fraudsters used to contact victims over WhatsApp and would then ask them to make payments for the policy by providing bank account numbers.

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