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How a businessman lost Rs 2.5 lakhs while purchasing furniture online?

IamCheated.com Research Team | May 04, 2019  10:57:am

How a businessman lost Rs 2.5 lakhs while purchasing furniture online?

With the advent of online shopping, people prefer to shop for almost everything online. Through online shopping, you can buy a wide variety of products like clothes, footwear, cosmetics, books, grocery, medicines, furniture and so on.

The main reason why people prefer online shopping is due to the convenience factor and it also helps save a lot of money and time. But, online shopping is not always safe as there are many risks involved. While the craze of online shopping increases, frauds related to online shopping are on the rise.

There are many incidents where people have lost money while shopping online. Recently a businessman from Delhi had lost Rs 2.5 lakhs to a new online shopping fraud while purchasing furniture online.

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How a businessman lost Rs 2.5 lakhs while purchasing furniture online?

Recently, a businessman from Delhi was looking to purchase furniture for his office, online. While he was going through the website he found a seller who introduced himself as a retired defence person. In order to entice the businessman, the seller promised to sell furniture at a cheaper rate vis-à-vis other sellers. The victim was asked to make the payment, as soon as possible.

In the joy and excitement of getting the furniture at a lower price, the victim agreed to make the payment immediately. The fraudster sent a text message to the victim, which contained the payment link. The text message stated ‘Add UPI money’, ‘Successful money transfer’ along with a link to a website.

As soon as the victim clicked on the link to make the payment online, the fraudster gained remote access to the victim's phone. With the help of that link, the fraudster gained complete access to the victim's phone. He could check everything that was there on the victim's phone, including messages and photos. Through this, it was easy for the fraudster to wipe out money from the victim's bank account, as he could gain access to the OTP sent to the victim's mobile number.  The businessman lost Rs 2.5 lakhs to new online shopping fraud.

In order to make victims click on the link, fraudsters had shortened the links with a decoy message.

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How to avoid such frauds?

1. You have to be very careful if the seller is providing you an offer which looks too good to be true. You just ask the question, how the seller would make money, if he is offering you the product at a very cheap rate.

2. Do not click on the links which are sent to you from unknown emails or SMS.

3. Be careful while shopping on an unknown online shopping portal. Make sure the website is HTTPS verified. The URL of the website should start from HTTPS. This indicates that the website is secure.

4. Avoid using your debit and credit cards to make payments on the websites which are not HTTPS verified.

5. Never share your personal banking information like card details, CVV and OTP with anyone over the phone.

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