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How a Man Lost Rs 30,000 on Google Pay?

IamCheated.com Research Team | May 17, 2019  7:00:pm

How a man lost Rs 30,000 on Google Pay?

Google Pay is a mobile payment app which allows you send or receive money with zero fees, straight from your bank account. Google Pay has gained immense popularity in India, just within a few years of its launch. As of September 2018, Google Pay had 25 million monthly active users. Google Pay is loved by many people as it’s very easy and comfortable to use.  Apart from sending and receiving money, Google Pay lets you do a lot of other things like mobile recharge, payment of monthly bills and much more.

As a lot of people use Google Pay, fraudsters are targeting its users to carry out fraud and make quick money. Recently a techie from Bengaluru lost Rs 30,000 on Google Pay. The sad part of online frauds is even educated people are falling prey to this fraud and losing hard earned money. In this blog, we will discuss a real-life incident of a person who lost Rs 30,000 on Google Pay.

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How a man lost Rs 30,000 on Google Pay?

A few days back a techie from Bengaluru received a call from an unknown person who claimed to be an old friend. The caller said he was learning to use Google Pay and wanted to deposit Rs 30,000 to the victims account as an experiment. When the victim checked his phone, he had received a notification saying that Rs 30,000 had been credited to his account. They then had a conversation for some time. Before hanging up, the caller asked the victim to send the money back. As he had received a message stating that Rs 30,000 had been credited to his account, he sent the money to the caller.

At a later time, when he checked his transaction details, he was shocked to find Rs 30,000 had not been credited to his account. He was actually duped by the fraudster who pretended to be his old friend. The victim lost hard earned money, thinking the message which he received to be genuine.

After getting to know that he has been duped by the fraudsters, he contacted the cyber crime police and reported the issue. The cybercrime sleuths have sent a notice to the legal head of Google India, asking for an appearance via-a-vis the investigation regarding the fraudulent transaction that took place on Google Pay. The technical head has been called and asked to explain the process and identify any vulnerability in the application, if present.

How to stay safe?

Fraudulent calls can cost you a lot of money, so stay alert when you receive a call from strangers. Never trust anyone blindly and lose your hard earned money.

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Stay Alert. Stay Safe

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