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How Cyber Criminals can Blackmail You?

IamCheated.com Research Team | November 07, 2019  4:58:pm

How Cyber Criminals can Blackmail You?

If you are in the habit of clicking every link in your email, you could be in deep trouble. Cyber crooks are waiting for people just like you. They target corporate employees with spurious emails. These emails have a message.

The message runs like this. “Your system has been hacked by our malware and we have all your personal data stored with us.”

You will then have to pay a ransom in Bitcoins. This is a massive $1200 worth in Bitcoins. If you don’t comply, your data is up for grabs on social media like Facebook. Around 7 complaints have been received by the cyber crime police this year as people have fallen prey to this crime.

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How do cyber criminals lure you with links?

Many of these crimes are seasonal in nature. If you are in a hurry during peak working hours, you might respond to a link by clicking on it. These criminals could be anywhere in the World. They work on a trial and error basis, and send mails repeatedly until you click on them. You are given 3-4 days to make the payment.

How cybercriminals hold you to ransom?

You would get a message from fraudsters saying they know your password. They would make educated guesses on your first and last name. They claim that your computer has been infected by a malware called RAT (Remote Administration Tool) and they now have full control over your computer.

This is all your accounts and passwords. They say that the microphone and camera on your laptop/mobile screen is under their control. It can be switched ON/OFF as they wish. They have recorded all your personal data and would publish it on social media unless payment is made.

How you fall prey to blackmail?

People who have private photos and videos are vulnerable to this crime. They cannot afford to have this data made public and pay the $1,200 ransom. In reality, fraudsters may not have any data to blackmail you.

Many people believe what the fraudster says, even though it’s not true. The word ‘Hack’ scares the life out of people and they fall prey to the blackmail. Fraudsters also target people who watch a lot of pornography. It’s also called ‘sextortion’ these days.

How to stay safe from this fraud?

  • Well, never click on any unknown messages or links or emails.
  • Never share personal details with anyone over text and call.
  • Never respond to any unknown mails or follow any instructions from them.

How to protect yourself from cyber blackmail?

  • Change passwords of all your accounts regularly.
  • Be careful before signing up to websites with your email ID.
  • Don’t set a weak password which a hacker may easily guess.
  • Don’t use a common password across platforms. The password must be 12-14 characters long. It must be a combination of symbols, numbers, lower-case and capital letters.
  • Never use passwords which have a part of your name, the city where you reside or parents name.

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