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How Fake Jio Websites Are Stealing Your Bank Details?

IamCheated.com Research Team | March 20, 2018  4:10:pm

Due to affordable pricing, Reliance Jio's 4G network is one of the most-talked-about entities in the World of Technology. In India, almost everyone is aware of Jio and what it does. Within a month of its launch, Jio had acquired 16 Million subscribers. After this massive success, Jio has been slowly venturing into other fields. There are talks that Reliance Jio is venturing into the DTH set-top boxes and wired network services. But, this new service has not yet been officially launched.

Fraudsters are taking advantage of  rumours regarding new services, to conduct cyber crimes. Fraudsters send an SMS carrying the following message "JIO PHONE & DTH at Rs. 10 only for lifetime free channels, register now offer for 1st 1000 customers. Avail this offer at http://jiodevices.online/ Book now". The initial impulse to such a lucrative offer, is to register for the product immediately, before it runs out of stock.

Once you click on this link, you will be taken to a website called "Jiodevices.online" which looks like an actual Jio website, but it is not https verified and does not belong to Reliance Jio. As soon as you click on the book button, you will be taken to a payment gateway portal, where payment can be made through a debit or credit card. You will be asked to provide your bank details such as card number, CVV number, card expiry date, cardholder name and DOB.  The banner on top of the page displays Rs 10, as the amount to be transacted.

Once you click on the Make Payment button, you will receive a message saying "Oops!!!! Transaction declined by your Bank".  The same message will be received even if you try it again.

If you trust such websites and give all your bank account details, they will use your details to make a fraudulent transaction.

So, you must never trust such suspicious messages with URLs. One more thing you need to keep in mind is, the company will never launch any product without an official announcement. If a company launches any new product, it will be announced on its official website.


1. Always buy a product or service from the official website.

2. There will be many incorrect elements on a malicious website such as grammatical and spelling mistakes, incorrect logos and so on. Never transact on such a website.

3. Check the link in SMS on google chrome. If the link does not contain "https", it is better to stay away from such websites as they are not secure.

4. If the website is accepting random details in the box without notifying you about the incorrect information, do not transact on such a website.

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