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How fraudsters cheated a Delhi woman of Rs 3.80 Lakh by using cancelled cheques?

IamCheated.com Research Team | April 27, 2018  7:51:pm

Bank frauds are increasing everyday. People often get calls from banks offering credit cards and loans at very low-interest rates. But not all such calls are genuine. There are some fraudsters who make calls to cheat innocent people. Recently a  Delhi woman was duped of Rs 3.80 lakhs, by a fraudster who promised to get her loans at cheap interest rates.

A few days back the victim had received a call from an unknown lady, who said she would arrange a loan of Rs 12 lakhs at very low-interest-rates from a nationalized bank. Even though she didn’t need a loan, she was convinced and agreed to avail the loan. The meeting between the victim and the accused was fixed at the victim’s residence on March 31st to start the paperwork and apply for the loan.

In the hope of getting a loan, the victim submitted copies of all the documents including the Aadhaar card. She had even given a signed cheque thinking it was a cancelled cheque. As bad luck would have it, she did not cancel the cheque and left this job to the agent. The agent took advantage of the situation and drew a line with his pen, in the space meant for writing the name of the bearer of the cheque.

Half an hour after the accused left the victim's home, she received a message from her bank saying Rs 3.80 Lakhs had been debited from her savings bank account. As soon as she received the message, she rushed to the bank, but they could not do anything as she had signed on the blank cheque. She felt helpless and lodged a complaint with the police.

The police conducted an investigation. CCTV footage at the bank was checked to identify the person who withdrew the money. Police found that the bank cashier had neglected his duty as he did not verify the identity of the accused.

Police later found the accused in the hospital as she was undergoing treatment. She told the police that it was her husband who had withdrawn the money.

You must be very careful while issuing a cancelled cheque. To issue a cancelled cheque, all you need to do is strike off the cheque by drawing two parallel lines and write cancelled between them. Do not sign or mention a date on it.

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