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How People get cheated on OLX: Review by IndianMoney

IamCheated.com Research Team | November 23, 2018  7:07:pm

With the advent of technology, many things can be done online at just a click of a button. Be it buying or selling goods, many people prefer doing it online. While modern technology has given a lot of comforts, there are many drawbacks as well. Online frauds are increasing like a tidal wave and fraudsters are getting smarter by the day. In this blog, we will discuss how people get cheated by fraudsters on OLX.

OLX is an online marketplace for buying and selling of services and goods like furniture, electronics, bikes, cars and much more. Before making a sale, the seller has to submit ads on the website. While this platform has really helped many sellers and buyers, fraudsters are using it to cheat people and make quick money. Let’s take a look at the various types of OLX frauds in India.

How People get cheated on OLX: Review by IndianMoney

Buyer Fraud:

A Buyer tried to cheat a seller by using an innovative trick. Luckily the seller sensed something amiss and escaped the fraud.

A lady had listed a pram to be sold on OLX. Within days of the listing, she received a call from a person enquiring on the pram. When she asked the buyer to visit the place and check the pram in person, he refused saying he wanted the pram for his sister who lived in another city. The deal was finalized and the lady was asked to share her account details. As soon as the account details were shared, the lady received an SMS saying Rs 13,500 had been credited to her account. The actual price of the pram was Rs 3,500. The buyer immediately messaged the lady saying the transfer was done by mistake and asked her to transfer back a sum of Rs 10,000. She was asked to transfer this amount to a Paytm account of a different number.

The lady sensed something was wrong and checked her bank account. She found no money credited to her bank account and she had only received a message. This message was sent by the buyer to fool the lady and collect Rs 10,000 from her.

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OLX mobile frauds

In this type of fraud, scamsters register themselves on OLX, stating they want to sell mobiles and post images of the phone. They offer the phone at a reasonable price to attract users. If the user wishes to buy the phone, they will be asked to transfer money online. To gain the customer’s trust, fraudsters share the Aadhaar card and I-card on WhatsApp. These are actually stolen identity proofs. In many cases, Aadhaar and ID cards of CISF and Army personnel were stolen and sent to buyers (Identity impersonation). Buyers think they are dealing with Army personnel and transfer money online. Once the money is transferred there is no trace of these fraudsters.

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Tips to Buy Safely on OLX

1. Meet the seller in person at a public place.

2. If the offer made by the seller is too good to be true, think twice before availing it. Do not fall for fake offers and then regret.

3. Do not buy products without examining them.

4. Pay the amount only after you receive the product.

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