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How To Apply For Tatkal Passport?

IamCheated.com Research Team | October 26, 2018  11:58:am

What is a Passport?

Passport is an official travel document issued by a country's government. It is very important to have a passport if you want to travel to other countries without any difficulties. A passport certifies the identity and the nationality of a person during international travel.

If you are planning to travel to another country, the first thing you must do is apply for the passport.  Whenever you land in a new country, you are required to hand your passport over to immigration, which will stamp one of the passport pages with their country's official seal.

Passport also acts as an address and identity proof, and can be used to avail various government and private services. In India, the Passport is issued by the President of India through Passport Seva (Passport Service) unit of the Consular, Passport, and Visa (CPV) Division of the Ministry of External Affairs. The process of applying for a fresh passport or reissue of passport can be done both online and offline.

What is Tatkal Passport?

There are two types of application for a passport namely, normal and Tatkal. Most of the people prefer normal application as it is the standard application procedure. The Tatkal application is usually preferred by people who need a passport urgently and are willing to pay an additional amount to get the application processed. The Tatkal service can be availed on both, new and renewal of existing passports. The Tatkal service can be availed by only those citizens who have a genuine reason for getting the passport urgently.

If you apply for the passport under Tatkal scheme, it will be dispatched within 1-3 days from the time you submit the required paperwork at the Passport Seva Kendra.

Who can apply for Tatkal passport?

Passport under the Tatkal scheme is issued depending on the urgency and some other important factors. Applicants who fall under the following category are not allowed to apply for a passport under the Tatkal scheme.

1. Residents of Jammu and Kashmir and Nagaland are not eligible for the Tatkal scheme.

2. A person who is born to Indian parents outside India, cannot apply for a Tatkal passport.

3. A person who has been deported to India from other countries cannot get a Tatkal passport.

4. In case applicant’s passport is lost or stolen.

5. A major change in the applicant's name.

6. In case of a change in personal credentials like a signature.

7. Minor children with a single parent.

8. Children who have been adopted by Indian and foreign parents.

9. Short passport validity renewal.

10. In case of gender change operation and appearance.

11. If the passport cannot be recognized due to damage.

Documents required for Tatkal passport:

  • Birth certificate
  • Driving license
  • PAN card
  • Student's Id card
  • Property documents
  • Pension documents
  • Ration card
  • Verification Certificate as per Annexure F
  • Identity cards of Freedom Fighters
  • Certificate of SC/ST/OBC
  • Passbook of a bank account with any PSB, private bank, or regional rural banks (RRBs)
  • Railway Photo Identity card
  • Gas connection bill
  • Arms License

How To Apply For Tatkal Passport?

1. To apply for the Tatkal passport, you have to first register yourself at the official portal of the Passport Seva.

2. After registration, you will be given a unique ID and password. These can be used while logging in.

3. While applying for the passport, you will be given two options, Fresh and Re-Issue. You need to choose the relevant option.

4. You must select the "Tatkal' option in the scheme type.

5. After filling all the required information, you need to download the form and fill it up.

6. You must submit the form and complete the payment procedure.

7. After making the payment, book an appointment at the nearest Passport Service Kendra.

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