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How to Avoid Downloading Fake Apps?

IamCheated.com Research Team | June 12, 2019  6:38:pm

How to Avoid Downloading Fake Apps?

Fake apps are a very serious problem these days. There are many incidents where people have downloaded fake apps to their mobiles and lost hard earned money. To cheat people, fraudsters create fake apps which resemble the original apps. So, you must be very careful when downloading any apps to your phone. If you are not careful, fake apps can gain access to all the personal information on your phone and cause a lot of problems.

But, the question is, how to spot a fake app. In this blog, we will discuss how you can spot fake apps on app stores and avoid falling prey to fraudsters.

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How to Avoid Downloading Fake Apps?

1. Download apps only from the official app stores

There is an important thing to keep in mind while downloading apps to your smartphone. Downloading apps outside the Google Play or Apple’s App Store, puts you at risk of downloading suspicious software.

2. Do some research on the developer

Before installing any app, you must do some research on the developer. In the case of Google Play Store, the developer name is mentioned right below the app. You can also visit the developer website by clicking on the "visit website" option which is placed at the bottom of the page. Normally, a genuine developer will have a website and an official email ID.

3. Go through user reviews

Looking at the user ratings and reading their reviews helps identify if the app is genuine. If the app is fake or malicious there will a lot of reviews stating the same. It is advisable to avoid downloading the app, if it has got a lot of negative reviews. 

4. Check the number of downloads

You must check the number of downloads for the particular app. Doing so helps identify if the app is genuine. Normally, fake apps have fewer downloads when compared to original apps.

5. Check the App description

Before you install the app on your phone, you must read the description carefully. If there are many grammatical errors in the description, there are high chances of the app being fake. Good companies have a copywriter to write the descriptions. They never post descriptions with mistakes.

6. Read all app permissions

You must never agree to any app permissions blindly, without reading them properly. Blindly giving unnecessary access to apps puts your data at risk. Stay away from the app which requests permission that has no relation to its function. For instance, if the apps like flashlight are asking for permission to access contacts, photos, location, and messages, you must avoid them.

If you have happened to spot a fake, simply report it by scrolling down and tapping on 'Flag as Inappropriate'. As soon as you click on this, choose the reason why you have reported the app and click on submit.

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What to do if you find any fake apps?

In case you find any fake apps, you must report it by scrolling down and tapping on 'Flag as Inappropriate'. Once you click on it choose the reason why you have reported the app and make a  submission.

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