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How to avoid scams and fake offers and shop safely on Flipkart?

IamCheated.com Research Team | May 28, 2018  7:27:pm

People often receive a call, email, SMS and WhatsApp message from the reputed online shopping platform claiming that they are providing huge discounts and offers. But the thing is not all such calls are genuine. There are some fraudsters who make such calls and send SMS to cheat innocent people. The intention of the fraudsters is to make quick money by using the name of reputed companies. Recently many had received calls and messages from fraudsters claiming that they are calling from Flipkart. You should be very careful about such calls and do not provide your personal and financial information to such fraudsters. In this blog, we will discuss various tricks used by a fraudster to cheat innocent people and tips to shop safely on Flipkart.

Here are the tricks used by the fraudsters

Fake websites:

Fraudsters create fake websites to cheat online shoppers. The name of the websites will look like flipkart-bigbillion-sale.com, flipkart.dhamaka-offers.com and so on. Those websites say that they have been associated with Flipkart. But the fact they have no connection with Flipkart.

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Making fake calls and sending Fake SMS:

Fraudsters make fake calls and send SMS's to customers saying they have won some attractive gift from Flipkart. These messages will be designed to look exactly like Flipkart messages. In order to avail the gift customers will be asked to share their banking details such as card details, CVV, OTP and so on.

Sending phishing emails:

Fraudsters send fake email to online shoppers to hack their personal information. The email will contain malicious links if you click on that link you will be asked to provide your personal information.

Sending messages on  Whatsapp and other social media messaging  platform

As most of the people will be active on social media messaging platform, fraudsters send messages to them providing attractive offers and gifts. To avail the gifts customers will be asked to provide their personal details. Customers are also fooled that they will win attractive prizes if they share these messages to other persons.

How to avoid fraud and shop safely on Flipkart?

If you want to shop on Flipkart, you must shop only on the official desktop website of Flipkart, Flipkart mobile shopping app, and Flipkart mobile site. Other than these three places you can't shop on Flipkart anywhere else. If any other website is claiming that it will enable shopping on Flipkart you must stay away from such websites.

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