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How To Avoid Vishing Scam?

IamCheated.com Research Team | December 27, 2018  5:13:pm

How To Avoid Vishing Scam?

Vishing scams are quite common these days and many people have lost lakhs of rupees to this scam. Even though banks and the RBI have been alerting people to such scams, they are still falling prey to fraudsters. The main reason behind people falling prey to this kind of scam is the lack of awareness among the citizens of India. Many people are not aware that they should not share card details and OTP with anyone. In this blog, we will discuss various cases of vishing scams and how you can save yourself from such frauds.

What is vishing?

Vishing is a fraudulent method of making phone calls, where fraudsters pose as employees of reputable companies to make individuals part with personal information, like bank details, credit card numbers and OTP.

Incident 1:

A few months back, a hotel employee from Mysore was cheated of Rs 9,999 from a fake caller who posed as a bank official. The victim received a call from a person who introduced himself as a bank employee and said that the bank was issuing a new ATM card. To avail the new ATM card, the victim was asked to send the picture of his old ATM card to the whatsapp number provided by the telecaller.

Believing this to be true, the victim clicked the picture of his ATM card and sent it to the number provided. Within 10 minutes of sending the picture, he received a message from his bank stating that Rs 9,999 has been debited from his bank account.

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Incident 2:

Recently, a school teacher had lost Rs 48,000 to the vishing scam. He received a call from a person whom he mistook for a friend. This made him an easy victim to fraudsters. Fraudsters told the victim that a money transfer would be made to his bank account and asked him for the bank details.  As the victim didn't know the bank details, he was asked to provide his card number and CVV.

Believing that he would receive the money he provided the card details and CVV.  Soon after he provided these details, he received a message saying that Rs 47,900 have been debited from his bank account.

How to avoid vishing scam?

1. Do not provide personal information over the phone.

Banks or any other institutions will never ask for personal information like bank details, card number, CVV and OTP over the phone. In case you receive any call stating that they are calling from the bank and ask for personal information, kindly ignore or report it to the nearest police station. OTP and card details are meant to be kept secret and you must never share it with anyone.

2. Ask questions

In case you receive an unknown call, where a person claims to represent a reputable company, do not simply trust him. Instead, you must ask some basic questions and verify caller information. Even though it might sound a bit rude, it can save you from getting scammed.

3. Block unwanted calls

Now almost all the mobile phones have a blocking option, where you will be allowed to block incoming calls from certain numbers you assign. In case you keep receiving calls which ask you to provide personal information, block those numbers.

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