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How to Bargain in India?

IamCheated.com Research Team | October 15, 2018  7:39:pm

Almost everyone loves shopping, no matter if it is online or offline. When it comes to online shopping, you can only avail discounts and cash backs. You will not be allowed to bargain. However, in case of offline shopping, you are allowed to bargain and pay less than the MRP. People say that Indians are very good at bargaining. In this blog, we will teach you how to bargain and these tips can help you improve bargaining skills.

How to bargain in India?

1.  Visit many stores:

Before making any major purchases, visit as many shops as you can, which sell the particular product you seek. Doing so will give you the exact idea on what the maximum amount is, that can be paid for a particular product. This can help you negotiate better with sellers.

If you like something while shopping, don't buy it from the first shop itself. There might be a lot of sellers who sell the same product with a lot more variety, for a lesser price. So, it is advisable to walk around the market and make a purchase from the best seller.

2. Be confident

Whenever you go shopping, be confident. Behave in such a way that you know everything on the product and how much it costs. In case you convey that you don't know much on the product, the shopkeeper might cheat you by charging more than the actual price. Even if the shopkeeper says that it costs more, be firm and do not lose confidence.

3.  Start bargaining early

Start bargaining the moment the shopkeeper states the price. Don’t allow the shopkeeper to get into a comfort zone and fool you. The moment he states the price, ask him is this your best price? Can he can offer a discount?

4. Bargain with a valid price

Always bargain with a valid price. Don't simply quote a price in the air which is 80% or 90% less than the actual price. This gives the impression that you are simply stating a price, and you do not know much on the actual price of the product.

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5. Don't be over excited

Don't be over excited while buying a product. If you are too excited while buying a product, the shopkeeper might think you are desperate and may not reduce the price of the product. So, even if you are excited and want to buy the product, make sure not to show it in front of the shopkeeper.

6. Walk away

If the shopkeeper is not ready to reduce the price on the product, pretend to walk out of the store. In such a scenario, most of the shopkeepers will call you back and reduce the price on the product. Make sure you are serious while doing this.

7. Buy more than one product

If you buy more than one product, there are high chances of the shopkeeper reducing the price. Do not buy any unnecessary products.

8. Do not pay the sellers price

Never pay the price the seller has asked the first time, even if there is a "No Bargaining” sign on the wall.

9. Bargain with a smile

Last, but not the least, tip with a smile. Bargaining is meant to be fun, so make sure you do it with a smile and not get too serious while bargaining. 

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