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How To Book Tatkal Ticket Online Very Fast?

IamCheated.com Research Team | October 12, 2018  4:43:pm

In Hindi "tatkal" means "immediately". Tatkal ticket scheme of IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation), is meant for last minute or immediate plans. This scheme is useful for passengers who have not reserved tickets and are planning to travel at short notice.

Ticket booking on tatkal scheme opens one day in advance to the date of the journey. According to the rule, for booking the tatkal ticket, one has to pay premium charges on a first-come-first-served basis. IRCTC offers an online facility to book a tatkal ticket and tatkal booking windows will open at 10 AM for AC classes and 11 AM for non-AC classes. Tatkal ticket booking is available for all other classes except for first AC and executive classes. In this blog, we will explain how to book tatkal ticket online very fast. 

For booking a tatkal ticket, you must pay extra charges along with the normal ticket fare. The amount charged will be a certain percentage of the basic fare. For the second class, it is 10% of basic fare and for all other classes, it is 30%.

How To Book Tatkal Ticket Online Very Fast?

Here are the tips which will help you know how to book tatkal ticket online very fast

1.  Use more than one credential for logging on to IRCTC website

To get the tatkal ticket booked, you must log on to the IRCTC website from multiple accounts. For instance, you can log in from the account of family members in multiple browsers or computers. Doing so will help you get the ticket booked, real fast. Make sure not to use the same IRCTC login details on multiple browsers at the same time.

2. Enter details in advance

You must enter the login details in advance to save time. All the details can be filled before 10 AM for AC class and before 11 AM for non-AC class.

3. For AC, try booking in 2A first

If you are planning to book a ticket in AC classes, try to book 2nd AC. This is because 3rd AC gets filled more quickly.

4.  Make payments using net banking

While making payments, you can opt for the net banking option, as it is the fastest mode of payment. In case you choose card payment, your time will be wasted in filling up the details. 

5. Keep your phone handy

While booking tickets, you must keep mobile phone handy, as IRCTC has made OTP verification mandatory.  You should keep your phone nearby, as OTP will be sent to your mobile phone.

6. Do not try to book tickets on trains for which Tatkal tickets have already been exhausted.

7. If the tatkal ticket is not booked in AC classes, you can try booking in non AC classes at 11AM.

Tatkal ticket booking rules:

1. As per rules, only a maximum of four passengers per PNR can be booked.

2. There is no need to furnish identity proof at the time of tatkal ticket booking. At the time of the journey, one passenger has to furnish the original identity proof.

3. One cannot avail any concession while booking tatkal tickets. This rule is applicable even for senior citizens.

4.  As per the rule, tickets booked under tatkal booking system cannot be modified.

5. You will not receive any refund, if you cancel confirmed tatkal tickets.

Hope this blog has helped you know how to book tatkal ticket online very fast. 

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