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How To Buy A Diamond?

IamCheated.com Research Team | July 11, 2018  7:24:pm

Tell me who doesn't love diamonds. It is the favorite precious stone of many and they choose to mark their special occasions with diamonds. People usually prefer to gift diamonds to their loved ones. But while purchasing a diamond, many citizens find it difficult to identify if a diamond is fake or real.  There are many precious stones which look exactly like diamonds. Go through these points before purchasing a diamond to get your money’s worth.

1.  Diamond or Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia looks exactly and feels exactly like a diamond, but it is not a real diamond. To reduce the cost of jewelry, Cubic Zirconia is used in place of a real diamond. It is cheaper than the real diamond and it is difficult to identify the difference between a real diamond and Cubic Zirconia. The sparkling of the real diamond will be forever, but the Cubic Zirconia fades over the long term. If you want to buy a diamond with a lower budget you can go for Cubic Zirconia.

2. Know The four C's of Diamond


Out of the four C's of the diamond, the cut is the most important one. It shows how much a stone glitters. When compared with a well-cut diamond, a poorly cut diamond looks very dull and does not shine. Many are familiar with the round shaped diamond, while there are many shapes available. If you go for cuts like marquise or princess it makes a diamond look larger than what it is.


Color is the most important factor to determine the price of a diamond. Color is defined in terms of grades starting from D to Z. D graded diamonds are colorless and it is very costly when compared to other grades. As you move down from D to Z the price of the diamond decreases.


While buying a diamond it is very important to consider the clarity. The clarity of the diamond is determined by the tiny imperfections or blemishes in it. These imperfections are known as inclusions. The clarity of the diamond decreases as the inclusions increase. The diamond with a higher clarity is considered to be the better one. Diamonds with the highest clarity are known as flawless (FL) diamonds.


The carat in the diamond defines a diamond’s weight. One carat is equal to 1/5th of a gram or .007 of an ounce. The price of the diamond is determined on the basis of a carat. The price of the diamond increases as the carat value increases. One should also know that the price of two stones of the same carat, may differ due to other factors.

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3. Collect the certificate

A certificate determines the authenticity of a diamond. Reputed jewelers provide you certificates when you purchase a diamond. Original diamonds are certified by gemological institutes or grading laboratories. The certificate contains information like diamond quality, organic, color, clarity, weight and so on. Do not forget to collect the certificate from jewelers when you purchase a diamond.

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