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How To Complain To The Government Regarding Pension Related Problems?

IamCheated.com Research Team | July 12, 2018  7:55:pm

How To Complain To The Government Regarding Pension Related Problems?

If Central Government employees are facing problems related to their pension and their issue is not resolved even after reporting it to the bank or government department, they can lodge their complaints at www.pensionersportal.gov.in.

This portal is very helpful to pensioners as they can raise their complaint with senior people in the concerned department, if they are not satisfied with the response received or they are not aware of whom to reach out in case they face any pension-related issue.

To lodge a complaint on the portal, pensioners must have their Pension Payment Order (PPO) number handy. This helps to resolve complaints quickly.

Pensioners can lodge a complaint related to their pension issues by following the below steps:

1. Visit the website www.pensionersportal.gov.in and select  CPENGRAMS

2. Click on the option "Individual pensioners click here to lodge the grievance".

3. You will be taken to a new portal in a separate tab where you can lodge your complaints, send a reminder if your complaint is not resolved within a specified time or view your grievance status.

4. Out of the 3 options provided, you have to select 'Lodge your grievance'. A new screen containing 'Grievance Registration Form' will be opened.

5. In the Grievance Registration Form, you can see some fields marked with asterisk (*) and hashtag (#). It is compulsory to fill the fields marked with the asterisk. To ensure that complaints are resolved quickly, you have to enter fields marked with a hashtag.

In the form, you have to give the details of the ministry of the department from which you are receiving the pension. If your department's name is not provided in the list, you will be given the option of 'Not Known/Not Listed'. If the pensioner is not able to file the complaint, he/she can ask someone else to file the complaint on her/his behalf.

You will be asked to give a brief description of your grievances and you can also upload the supporting documents. Documents should be in the PDF form and should not exceed 1 MB.

 6. After you enter all the details, enter the captcha code and click on submit. Once the complaint is lodged, you will be given a complaint number for future references.

You will be sent a complaint registration number via SMS and email. So, it is advisable to provide a proper contact number and email address. You will be informed through an SMS once the complaint is resolved by the department.

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Time taken for resolving the complaint

The portal does not mention the maximum time taken for resolving the complaint. In case the complaint is not resolved for more than 60 days, you can send a reminder to the concerned ministry/department.

You can also see the status of the complaint, which shows the details of the department looking into your complaint, officer name, designation, and his/her contact details.

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