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How to delete your data before selling your Smartphone?

IamCheated.com Research Team | January 04, 2019  6:28:pm

How to Delete Data Before Selling Your Smartphone?

Selling old mobiles phones is very easy and can be done without much headache. Many e-commerce portals like Flipkart and Amazon have come up with exchange offers where you can sell the old phone, while making a new purchase. You can get really good deals online by selling an old phone and buying a new one. This is more beneficial than selling it for scrap. There are many online portals like Cashify which buy your old phones and pay money instantly.

Before selling your old phone, it is very important for you to wipe out personal data completely. You should be aware of the fact that if data on your phone is not wiped off in the right way, it can be recovered.

If you have not wiped off data from your mobile phone properly, it can lead to a compromise in personal information like pictures, messages, contacts, financial details, passwords and so on. This data can be misused by fraudsters and cause you embarrassment and financial loss.  In this blog, we will discuss how you can delete personal data from your smartphone, before selling it.

Before resetting your smartphone, make sure you have logged out of all the apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other banking apps.

How to erase android phone before selling?

  • Google has added an additional security layer called factory reset protection (FRP), active for phones or tablets which runs on 5.0 Lollipop or a later version. Under this feature without entering a previously used Google account and password, phones will be unusable to the new owner, even if it's been reset. You should deactivate FRP if you plan on selling the device.
  • Before you reset your android phone you must remove all kinds of locks like screen lock and apps lock. You can turn off screen lock by going to Settings > Security or Lock Screen Security > Screen Lock and change the type to None.
  • Once you are done turning off the screen lock, you must remove your Google account from the device. Go to Settings > Users and Accounts, click on your account and then remove.
  • If you are using a Samsung or Xiaomi phone, you must remove your Samsung or Xiaomi account from the phone. Data won't be completely wiped off, if you don't delete these accounts.
  • You can now wipe off the data completely with factory reset. For factory reset, go to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset.

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How to erase iPhone before selling?

  • Before you reset your iPhone, you need to unpair from devices like Apple watch.  You must turn off Find My iPhone feature on the device. You can do this via Settings > User profile > iCloud > Find My iPhone.
  • Once you are done turning off Find My iPhone, you have to log out from other services like iMessage and the App Store. You must remove your iCloud account from your iPhones. This can be done via settings > the iCloud > Sign out.
  • After completing all procedures, you must go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings. After confirmation, you need to enter the password to the iCloud account.

How to wipe data on Windows Phone?

Window Phone users can do a factory reset via Settings > About > Reset your Phone. As soon as you confirm the reset, you will be asked to re-type the password of the linked Windows Phone account. 

If you are a Windows Phone user, you will not be offered encryption like Apple or Google which means you will have to remove the device access from the Microsoft account.

In much the same way, iOS and Android users can remove access to their old devices via desktop. By doing so, nobody can access your account from your old smartphone.

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