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How To File A Case In Consumer Court Bangalore?

IamCheated.com Research Team | October 10, 2018  6:38:pm

You might have heard of the quote Customer is King. It’s true in the World of the business. If the consumer is not satisfied with the product or service, or if he has been cheated by any company, he has all the right to fight back through the consumer court. The complaint can be filed not just against products or services; you can also file a complaint against false advertisements or medical negligence.

Before filing a complaint against any company in the consumer court, it is very important to give ample notice to the opposite party, to check if he is ready to make up for the losses. If he is ready, there is no need to approach the consumer court. If the company ignores your complaints, you can approach the Consumer Court.

Before approaching the consumer courts, it very important for you to know consumer rights under the Consumer Protection Act 1986. These are the basic rights of every consumer in India.

1. Right to safety.

2. Right to be informed.

3. Right to choose.

4. Right to be heard.

5. Right to seek redressal.

6. Right to consumer education.

How to file a case in consumer court Bangalore?

The process of filing a consumer complaint in Bangalore is similar to other places in India. If you want to file a written complaint in person, you must visit the consumer forum and file a complaint and pay the prescribed fees.

Your complaint must contain all facts to take the necessary actions. It is very important to mention the name, description, and address of the complainant and the name, description, address of the opposite party or parties against whom relief is claimed. You should sign at the end of the complaint.

Along with the complaint, you need to attach supporting documents like a copy of the bill of goods or services, warranty and guarantee documents, and also a copy of the complaint or notice sent to the company.

The complainant can seek refunds, compensation, damages, litigation costs, and interest amounts.  It is important to break up the amounts claimed under different heads.

Consumer court Bangalore address

1. Bangalore Urban District Consumer Court and Consumer Forum

Cauvery Bhavan,

8th Floor BWSSB Wing,

KG Road,

Bangalore- 560009


2. Bangalore Urban Additional District Consumer Court and Consumer Forum

BMTC, TTMC Building,

1st Floor, B-Block,

Shanthinagar, K. H. Road,

Bangalore 560027.

How to file a consumer complaint online?

If you do not wish to file a complaint in the consumer forum and would like to file a complaint on online consumer complaints portals, you can file your complaint on Iamcheated.com. Iamcheated.com is a free online consumer complaints portal, which helps resolve consumer complaints online.

Once the complaint is posted on Iamcheated.com, it is sent immediately to the concerned company for resolution. It takes less than 5 working days before the complainant gets a response from the company. IamCheated.com does not charge a single rupee from consumers for resolving the complaints.

How to post-complaints on IamCheated.com against any company?

1. Any consumer can post a complaint by clicking on "Lodge your Complaint" tab on our homepage.

2. Once you click on lodge your complaint, you will be directed to a new page, where you must provide complete details on the complaint. In case you have supporting documents, do upload them.

3. Once you have supplied all necessary information on the complaint, you must go through the registration process, which is very important to maintain the authenticity of every complaint posted. Once you register yourself by providing your mobile number and OTP, your complaint will be posted on the website. 

How IamCheated.com helps in resolving complaints?

1. One of the methods adopted by IamCheated.com to resolve consumer complaints is its social media campaign. Iamcheated.com shares complaints to a large number of users, for maximum impact.

2. IamCheated.com also sends an official email to the concerned company, asking them to resolve the issue.