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How to file a complaint under RERA?

IamCheated.com Research Team | September 24, 2018  5:31:pm

With the intention of bringing transparency and fair price practices in the real estate sector in India, the government launched the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, RERA, on 1st May 2017.  According to the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, all builders have to register with the real estate regulatory authority and get the registration number.

RERA complaint against builder

When can a home buyer file RERA complaint?

The buyer can file a RERA complaint under the following situations:

1. Delay in possession of the property:

If a builder does not deliver possession of property within the agreed period of time, the buyer has all the right to file a RERA complaint. The buyer can file the complaint and get a refund of the money paid along with the interest.

2. Misleading advertisement:

A complaint under RERA can be filed against a builder, if the buyer has deposited his money with the builder based on false or misleading advertisements displayed. According to the rule, a builder is not allowed to display misleading advertisements.

3. An issue with the advance payment:

As per rules, a builder is allowed to take only 10% of the cost of the property as an advance. The buyer has all the rights to file a complaint under RERA if a builder demands advance payment of more than 10% of the cost of the property.

4. Project not registered under RERA:

It is mandatory that all the projects be registered under RERA and no builder is allowed to sell the property, without registration. If a builder is found selling an unregistered project, the homebuyer is allowed to file a complaint under RERA.

5. Improper details on the project

As per the rules, a builder has to upload each and every detail of the project on the website of the Regulatory Authority. In case he fails to do so, a buyer can file a complaint against him under RERA.

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How to file a complaint under RERA?

RERA complaint procedure In India

  • Any aggrieved home buyer can approach the Real Estate Regulatory Authority or the adjudicating officer to file a complaint.

  • A complaint filed under RERA must be in the form prescribed by respective state government rules.
  • Aggrieved homebuyers must identify RERA lawyers and file a RERA complaint with the relevant authority under whose jurisdiction the property is located.
  • The complaint filed under RERA must include the following details:
  • Name, address and other requisite details of the homebuyer
  • Registration number of the property
  • Address of the project
  • The total value of the flat
  • Amount paid till date
  • Date of possession
  • Relief sought


  • All details should be as per the agreement, so it is important to read the agreement before filing a complaint under RERA.
  • A prescribed fee is paid along with the RERA complaint. This fee varies across States.

RERA complaint online

Buyers can also file a RERA complaint against builders online. There are different portals for different states.

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