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How to File a Consumer Complaint Online?

IamCheated.com Research Team | December 06, 2018  4:17:pm

In this world of business, customer is king. As a customer, if you have any issues with the quality of the product or services rendered, you have all the right to file a complaint and get issues resolved. There are many businesses which sell fake products to customers who shop both online and offline. A lot of customers have lost their money receiving fake products instead of the genuine article. In such cases, you must not stay quiet; instead, you must fight back and get the issue resolved. In this blog, we will discuss how you can file a consumer complaint online.

Who is a consumer?

A consumer is a person who avails goods or services for personal consumption, and not for manufacturing or resale. To file a complaint, the person must be a consumer.

The consumer complaint can be filed under the following circumstances:

1. If the consumer has received defective goods.

2. If the consumer has suffered losses due to unfair or restrictive trade practices.

3. If there is deficiency in the services availed.

4. If the consumer has been charged more than the MRP.

5. If the consumer has received goods or services which are hazardous to life or property.

How to file a consumer complaint in India?

If you are not happy with the product or services offered by a company, all you have to do is contact the respective company and inform them on the grievance vis-a-vis product or service. Ask them to resolve the issue as soon as possible. You can get in touch with the company by calling the helpline number or by sending an email to the support mail id. If the company does not respond to your complaint or if your issue is not resolved, you can take the next step.

How to File a Consumer Complaint Online?

You can file a consumer complaint online on IndianMoney complaints portal IamCheated.com. IamCheated.com is a free online consumer complaints portal, which helps resolve consumer complaints online.

  •  To register a complaint on IamCheated.com, all you have to do is log on to IamCheated.com and click on the lodge here button.

Once you click on the lodge here button, you will be taken to a new page where you will be asked to provide complete details on the complaints. Your complaint must contain the company name, issues faced, date of purchase of the product, order number or customer id. You can also upload the supporting documents. Once you are done filling up all the details, you must click on the next button.

  • As soon as you click on the next button, you will be taken to a new page where you will be provided with two options, create account and Login.  If you have not registered on IamCheated.com, you should click on create account. Once you click on create account, mention name, email id, and mobile number. After providing all these details, One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to registered mobile number. Once you enter the OTP, the complaint will be registered on the website.

How IamCheated.com helps in resolving complaints?

Once the complaint is posted on IamCheated.com, it is instantly sent to the concerned company for resolution. IamCheated.com does not charge a single rupee from consumers for resolving the complaints.

How to file a case in consumer court?

If you wish to file a written complaint in person, all you have to do is visit the consumer forum and file a complaint by paying the prescribed fees.

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Draft a complaint by including the necessary details like the name, description, and address of the complainant and the name, address of the opposite party or parties against whom relief is claimed. Once you mention all the required details, don’t forget to sign. The supporting documents like copy of the bill of goods or services, warranty and guarantee documents, and also a copy of the complaint or notice sent to the company should be attached to the complaint.

Have a complaint against any company? IndianMoney.com's complaint portal Iamcheated.com can help you resolve the issue. Just visit IamCheated.com and lodge your complaint. If you want to post a review on any company you can post it on Indianmoney.com review and complaint portal Iamcheated.com.