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How to File Complaints Against Banks and NBFCs on RBI website?

IamCheated.com Research Team | June 26, 2019  5:28:pm

How to File Complaints Against Banks and NBFCs on RBI website?

Not all people are happy with the services offered by banks and NBFCs. There are always issues which leave you dissatisfied with the service. In such cases, you have all the right to file a complaint and get the issue resolved.

With the intention of making the process of lodging complaints against banks and NBFCs really easy, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has launched a new 'Complaint Management System (CMS)' website.

In this website, anyone can file a complaint against the entities regulated by RBI. RBI regulated websites consist of commercial banks, urban co-operative banks, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), and so on.

Through the launch of Complaint Management System (CMS), RBI has digitalized the process of complaints received at the offices of Banking Ombudsman (BO) and Consumer Education and Protection Cells (CEPCs) of the RBI.

The new complaint management system helps improve customer experience through the grievance redressal process, by ensuring timely resolution of complaints. CMS is a single window which allows customers lodge complaints against any RBI regulated entity. The complaint lodged through CMS will be directed to the appropriate office.

This new system introduced by RBI will make the customers of the banking system more aware and protect them against mis-selling, cheating, frauds and other threats. The website has videos to guide the users of the portal. These videos are on safe banking practices and on the regulatory initiatives of the RBI.

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How to file a complaint on CMS?

  • You can visit CMS on both desktop and mobile devices. To file a complaint, you have to visit cms.rbi.org.in and click on the "File a Complaint" option.
  • Once you click on file complaint, you will be redirected to a new page where you have to select the preferred language and type of entity.
  • In the next step, you will be asked to provide your mobile number, email ID and the details of the bank. Details of the bank are bank name, area of operation, bank category and so on. You will be provided an option to upload the supporting documents.
  • The complaint filed on CMS is directed to the appropriate office of Banking Ombudsman or Regional Office of the RBI.

Facility to track your complaint:

Once the complaint is lodged on the website, the auto-generated acknowledgments are sent to you. You can track the status of the complaint through a unique registration number and file appeals against the decisions of the Ombudsmen online, in case you are not happy with the action taken.

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