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How To Find If A WhatsApp Message Is Real or Fake?

IamCheated.com Research Team | March 04, 2019  5:00:pm

WhatsApp has become an important mode of communication around the World and its user base is increasing rapidly. As the number of people using WhatsApp rises, incidents of fake news are on the rise. A lot of fake news was spread through WhatsApp during the recent tension between India and Pakistan.

Many people believe that news which is shared on Whatsapp to be true and they in turn share with friends and family. Doing so is not good.  Before sharing something on WhatsApp or any other social media, you must check if it’s fake or real. 

In this blog we will discuss certain tips, which can help you identify if a message shared on WhatsApp is real or fake.

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How To Find If A WhatsApp Message Is Real or Fake?

1. Take a look at the forwarded label

Whenever you receive a message on WhatsApp, do not forget to take a look at the forwarded label on the top of the message. This label means that the message was not composed by the sender himself, but is forwarded. More than half the forwarded messages are found to be fake. So, you must think twice before believing such messages. This feature was launched by WhatsApp a few months back.

2. Overlook the messages that anger or annoy you

If a message sent on WhatsApp makes you feel angry or afraid, these messages may be sent to make you feel that way. In case you feel those messages were sent to make you angry, kindly avoid them and do not forward these messages.

3. Cross check the information

Whenever you receive a message on WhatsApp which is hard to believe, kindly cross check. You can make use of Google to check if it’s fake or real. Kindly do not forward it to without knowing the source of the message.

4. Look how the message is composed

Most of the fake messages sent on WhatsApp or any other platform, contain wrong spellings or bad grammar. In case you receive messages with such mistakes, kindly cross check before believing them.

5. Verify the images and videos carefully

Carefully verify the images and videos which you receive on WhatsApp. Images and videos can easily be photo shopped to spread false news. Sometimes the photos shared may be real, but the story would be different. So it is important to verify before believing such information. You can verify the authenticity of the image by doing a reverse image search on Google. If you simply upload the image in the Google image search bar, you will get the source of that image.

You might have received a video which claimed, Wing Commander Abhinandan danced with the Army and Air Force in Pakistan. But, the fact of the matter is the person in the video was not Abhinandan. That is an old video which was circulated to spread false information.

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6. Verify the links shared on WhatsApp

Not all the links shared on WhatsApp are of a genuine website. Sometimes, fraudsters send links to steal your personal information. If you feel the link to be suspicious, do not click on it or forward it to anyone.

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