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How to find who is tracking your mobile?

IamCheated.com Research Team | March 27, 2019  5:39:pm

Use of smartphones has surged in recent times and more than half of our country's citizens use them. Gone are the days when mobiles were used just for making calls. Today, smartphones are used for sending money, booking tickets, paying utility bills and much more. While smartphones have made our lives easy, the increase in cybercrime has become a big problem. There have been many instances where smartphones of innocent people are hacked by fraudsters to steal sensitive information like bank account details and personal data.

To hack smartphones, fraudsters inject a piece of software in your mobile phone through various methods. For instance, they might send you messages or emails containing a link which claims that you have won a lottery or you are eligible for an interest-free loan and so on. Clicking on this link will lead to a compromise of personal information.

In this blog, we will discuss how to find out if someone is tracking your mobile phone or if it has been hacked. Before this, we will talk on how phones are hacked.

How phones are hacked?

There are many fake apps on Play Store which inject malware and malicious code on your phone by seeking certain permissions.  The hackers are able to change the password of your phone and gain access to all your personal information. This malicious code will help them access personal information, read messages and turn on the microphone.

Whenever important OTP's are sent to your phone, fraudster can steal them.  If the OTP is compromised, wiping out the money from the bank account is not too difficult. So, it is very important to be careful while downloading apps to your phone.

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How to find who is tracking your mobile?

There is an option to check if your phone has been tracked by someone or if your messages, calls and so on have been forwarded from the mobile without your knowledge. To do this, you must call USSD codes from your phone.


If your voice call or data call or SMS call has been forwarded from your phone, you must dial the USSD code ##002#. Dialing this code makes sure all the information forwarded is erased.


You can identify if your call has been diverted by dialing  USSD code *#21#.


By dialing USSD code *#62#, you get to know if your calls - voice, data, fax, SMS  and so on has been diverted or forwarded from the mobile without your knowledge.

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