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How To Identify Fake Currency Notes?

IamCheated.com Research Team | June 13, 2018  1:37:pm

There are times when there’s currency in your hands and you are confused if it’s real or fake. In many cases, fraudsters cheat innocent people by printing fake currencies. Sometimes, fraudsters even take a colour printout of the currency and circulate it as genuine currency. In this blog, we will be discussing a couple of techniques which can be used by the common man, to identify fake currency notes without the help of any scientific aids.

The First Technique:

The moment you have currency notes between your thumb and fore finger, you get to know if it’s fresh currency or used currency. If the currency notes are fresh, take a look at Reserve Bank Of India printed on the right top corner of the currency.  Reserve Bank Of India is printed using a technique called Intaglio Printing. The specialty of this printing is you can feel the print on the paper, just by moving your hands on it. The intaglio printing technique is used for the entire content on the top portion of the currency. Intaglio printing technique will not be used in fake currencies.

You can use another technique where you must place a white paper on the top of the currency and keep scratching it with a pencil. If the currency is genuine, traces of the content on top of the currency will come up on the paper. If the currency is fake, this will not happen. This technique to weed out fake currency can be used for currencies of all denominations.

The Second Technique:

Currency notes are printed using the costliest ink in the World called Optically Variable Ink (OVI). The Government of India Incurs costs of approximately Rs 3 crores a Liter on this ink used for printing currency notes. This ink is used for printing numbers/denominations such as 2000 and 500 on the notes. It is even used in the security thread which is located in the middle of the notes.

When you check the currency at eye level, the color of the ink which is used in the security thread and the denominations can be seen in green. The moment you tilt the note at an angle, you can see the color of the security thread and the denomination changes to blue. This is the significance of Optically Variable Ink (OVI).  The ink displays two distinct colors depending on the angle, the currency is viewed. This is one of the major security features of Indian currency notes. This feature will not be seen in the fake currency notes.

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