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How To Identify Whether Gold Is Real or Fake?

IamCheated.com Research Team | April 02, 2019  6:28:pm

How To Identify Whether Gold Is Real or Fake?

We Indians love gold and it’s considered auspicious and worn during festivals. It is the safest investment option available. You can sell gold if you are in urgent need of cash. But, before selling gold, you must identify if the gold that you have is real gold or fake.

This is because there are many cases where people are cheated with fake gold. Many jewelers sell fake gold and collect the money for the original gold. As gold fraud is increasing, you must be very careful while purchasing gold.

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In this blog, we will speak on how to identify if your gold is fake or original.

How To Identify Whether Gold Is Real or Fake?

Visit a reputed jeweler:

1.  Go to a reputed jeweler and get your gold checked

If you have doubts on the quality of the gold (Is my gold genuine or fake), you can get it checked at a reputed jewelry shop. Almost all the good jewelry shops will have ways to check the authenticity of the gold. You will be charged for getting your gold checked.

2. Nitric Acid Test:

This is the best way to identify if the gold is genuine or not. To carry out this test, you must make a small scratch on the gold ornament and pour a drop of nitric acid on it. If the gold you are testing is original, there will be no reaction. In case the metal is made of silver, zinc or copper, the nitric acid shows a reaction. So, in case you get the green color while testing, the gold is not genuine and it is made up of some other metal.

3. Magnet testing:

You can identify if the gold is genuine or not with the help of a magnet. If the gold is genuine, it will not get attracted to a magnet. Usually, imitation gold and other alloys get attracted to a magnet, if it is placed in front of them. This test is very convenient, as magnets can be procured easily.

4.  Hallmark:

You must look at the hallmark certification to check if the gold is genuine or not. The Government of India has set up BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), to certify gold jewelry and gold coins. This mark will be behind the gold and it will be visible.

5. Water test

You can identify if the gold is genuine with the help of a cup of water. All you must do is drop the gold in a cup of water, if it sinks; the gold is the genuine article. In case it floats, it’s fake. Real gold doesn’t get discolored or rust when wet.

To avoid getting cheated with fake gold, it’s always advisable to buy gold from reputed jewelers. Buying gold from a small shop is not always safe, as there is a risk of jewelers passing on fake gold.

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