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How To Identify Work From Home Scams?

IamCheated.com Research Team | April 10, 2018  7:21:pm

Work from home has become quite common and many websites in India are offering work from home jobs. Not all the websites which offer work from home jobs are real. There are some fake websites, which try to cheat people through work from home scams. In this blog, we will discuss some points which can help you identify work from home scams.

1. Use common sense

If the company is providing work from home offers which seem too good to be true, use your common sense. How can the company make a profit, if they are giving so much money for so small a work?

2. Check reviews and complaints on the company

Reviews of the company can help you identify, whether it’s fake or real. If the company has poor reviews, it is a sign that the company is a fake. To check the reviews of the company, just google the name of the company with the term review. If the reviews say that the company is a fake and operated by fraudsters, then you must avoid applying to such companies.

3. Check the contact details of the company

Most of the fraudulent websites do not provide their contact details. So, you must always check the contact numbers, before you register yourself for work from home.  If contact details have been posted on the website, try calling the Company. You must also check the social media accounts of the company.

4. Visit the office of the Company

Don't just contact the company over the phone. Try to visit their office and speak to the concerned people there. Do a proper research before you sign up for the work from home job.

5. Training and support

Check if the company has a live training facility. Most of the fake companies do not provide you live training and they try to escape from meeting you face to face. Also, check if the company has a support team to guide you; in case there’s a problem with work.

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