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How to install FASTag in your car?

IamCheated.com Research Team | December 02, 2019  11:51:am

The Central government has made it mandatory for all private and commercial vehicles to have a FASTag. Earlier, the last date for the installation of FASTag was December 1, 2019. Now, the last date has been extended to 15th December 2019. The vehicle entering a FASTag lane without FASTag will be charged double fees from 15th December.  Installing FASTag is really useful as it helps avoid getting stuck at a toll-gate while on a road trip. Before we discuss how to install FASTag on your vehicle, let’s understand what exactly is a FASTag.

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What is FASTag?

FASTag is a digital mode of making payment at toll gates. When FASTag is installed in vehicles, drivers can pass through toll plazas without having to stop to pay the toll fees. When vehicles pass through the FASTag lane; money gets automatically deducted from a prepaid account linked to FASTag. To make this happen an RFID tag is installed on a vehicle’s windshield. As soon as the tag is detected by the scanner at the toll, the amount gets deducted from the account. FASTag has to be positioned at the center of the windscreen of your vehicle. This helps in easy reading as the scanner at the toll plaza is placed at the center of the roof.

When FASTag is installed in your car you will receive transaction details regarding low balance and so on via SMS.

Benefits of FASTag

Once FASTag is installed in your vehicle, you don't have to carry cash to pay at toll gates and there’s no headache of the attendant not having exact change. This feature saves time and helps in the non-stop movement of cars which leads to lower fuel consumption. Traffic congestion at the toll plazas can also be avoided.

Where can you buy a FASTag?

FASTag can be availed from various places. Major banks like HDFC, Axis, ICICI and so on issue FASTags through various channels such as Point-of-Sale (POS) at National Highway toll plazas and select bank branches. FASTag can also be bought online.

How to activate FASTag?

a) Self-Activation

You can self-activate the FASTag by entering your vehicle details in the 'My FASTag' mobile app. If you are an Android smartphone user, you can download the My FASTag app from the 'Google Play Store'. In case you are an iPhone user, you can download the app from the 'Apple Store'.

At the time you buy FASTag from a POS terminal or online platform, no banks would be pre-assigned to it. After you purchase the FASTag you can link it with any of your existing bank accounts with the help of My FASTag Mobile app. The NHAI (National Highways Authority of India) also offers a Prepaid wallet facility. You can load money to this wallet and get the toll fee deducted.

b) Activate by visiting a certified bank branch

FASTag can also be bought and linked to your existing bank account by visiting the nearest certified bank branch. 

What are the documents required?

If the vehicle is registered in your name, you must submit a vehicle registration certificate, passport photo, and KYC documents. In case the vehicle is registered under a corporate name, you must submit your proprietorship deed, firm’s PAN card, and a photo ID of the signing authority.

How to recharge your FASTag?

You don't have to load your money to the prepaid wallet if the FASTag is linked to your bank account.  If the FASTag is linked to your bank account you have to make sure there’s sufficient balance in that account to allow toll payments.  If you have linked FASTag to a pre-paid wallet, you can recharge it through the net banking, debit card, credit card or NEFT.

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