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How To Lodge Indian Railways Complaint?

IamCheated.com Research Team | February 21, 2019  9:45:am

Indian Railways is the third largest railway network in the World and a lot of people in India, prefer to travel by train as it is an efficient mode of transport. Indian Railways always tries to keep their passengers happy, by providing all the requisite facilities. Yet, there are times when passengers are not happy with their journey.

The issues may be due to factors like poor food quality, dirty train compartments and so on. This issue soon turns into complaints. Keeping this in mind, Indian Railways have come up with various methods through which passengers can file Indian Railways complaints.  In this blog, we will discuss various methods through which you can file Indian Railways complaints.

Types of complaints that can be filed with Indian Railways

1. Complaints regarding the dirty railway station.

2. Poor quality of food.

3. If the TTE does not allot a seat to you even if your seat is confirmed.

4. If you have not received the refund on cancellation of the train.

5. If you have not received the refund on cancellation of a train ticket.

6. In the case of theft in the compartment.

7. Dirty train compartment and washroom.

8. If railway officials ask for bribes.

9. If there is no water in the train or at the station.

10. If electrical equipment like lights and fans are not working.

11. Improper behavior of the train staff.

How to lodge Indian Railways Complaint?

These are the methods through which you can lodge Indian Railways complaints

1. Filing Complaint Through the Website

You can file Indian Railways complaints and suggestions through the website by clicking on the link mentioned here: www.coms.indianrailways.gov.in

After you visit the website, you must click on "To Lodge Complaints Click Here". Once you click on it, a new page is opened where you have to select "Register Complaint and Suggestions" option. You will be given a "Complaints and Suggestions Registration Form". You must fill that form and submit your complaint.

2. Filing Complaint Through call or SMS

You can file Indian Railway complaints or give your suggestions just by calling 138.  If you have any issues related to security, you can call 182.

You can also file your complaint through SMS. All you have to do is send your complaint to 91-9717680982.

3. Twitter

Passengers can also file Indian Railways complaints by tweeting to the Indian Railways official twitter handle. All you have to do is tweet your complaint to @RailMinIndia.

4. Filing Complaint via Mobile

You can also file Indian Railways complaints through the mobile application called 'Rail MADAD.

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