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How to recharge your prepaid mobile using Google search?

IamCheated.com Research Team | February 21, 2020  12:09:pm

How to recharge your prepaid mobile using Google search?

Google search is the most used search engine in the World and it helps find a lot of things. If you want to know anything, the first thing you do is make a search on Google.  Google search engine answers all the queries asked by users. Apart from answering queries asked by users, Google also offers various other services like finding a route, displaying live match score, checking flight details, currency conversion and much more. We can actually say that Google has made our lives really simple.

Google comes up with new features each time with the intention of offering better services to its customers. Google has now introduced a new feature where Android Smartphone users can recharge their prepaid SIM cards from the Google search result.

Under this feature, cellphone users can browse plans offered by various network operators, check offers, compare discounts and recharge their SIM card. At present, this feature can only be used by Android users and prepaid customers. In this blog, we will discuss how to recharge your mobile phone using Google search.

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How to recharge your prepaid mobile using Google search?

If you are an Android Smartphone user and want to recharge your prepaid SIM using Google follow the steps below.

1. To recharge your mobile phone using Google, you must unlock your smartphone and tap on the Google app.

2. Once you click on the Google app, you will get to see a search bar. You must click on this and type 'SIM recharge'.

3. After you search for 'SIM recharge',  a result pops up where you will be asked to provide certain information like your mobile number, network operator, and circle. You must fill all the details and click on the browse plan button.

4. Once you click on the browse plan, various plans available for your SIM card are displayed on the screen. You can go through all the plans and click on the plan you would like to recharge.

5. After you click on the plan, you will be asked to select the mode of payment. You can select any one of the apps like Freecharge, Google Pay, Paytm to make the payment. One thing you must keep in mind is, to make the payment; these apps must be installed on your smartphone.

6. You must select the app through which you would like to make the payment and complete the recharge.

This is very simple. All you need is an Android smartphone with good internet connectivity. With the help of Google search, you can only browse the plans. To make the payment you must use payment apps.

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