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How To Resolve Customer Complaints Effectively?

IamCheated.com Research Team | June 30, 2018  6:27:pm

Almost every business has unsatisfied customers. Even though companies try hard to keep their customers happy, sometimes things do not happen as planned. Most unhappy customers do not bother to complain and simply switch to your competitors. They do not give the much required feedback on your product or service.

Some customers may lodge a complaint against you, if they are unhappy with your product or service. According to statistics, most of the customers are ready to give you a second chance, if you handle their complaints effectively. If you are ignoring customer complaints, it means you don't value their opinion. In this blog, we will be discussing how to turn every complaint into a positive customer experience.

You should handle customer complaints with the right attitude and consider this as a feedback. Customers do not simply complain about any company, but do it because they have experienced a problem with the product or service. Many businesses consider handling customer complaints as a frustrating process. Resolving consumer complaints effectively helps your business grow. These are the tips to keep in mind whenever you get a complaint from a customer.

1. React immediately

Whenever you receive a complaint against your company from a customer on social media, phone or email, respond to them immediately. Even though you cannot resolve the complaint immediately, at least inform them that you are looking into the issue and you will do your best to resolve this as soon as possible.

2. Maintain your cool

Even if the customer is very angry and speaking to you rudely, you should not lose your temper. You should keep your cool and listen attentively to his concerns. I understand that it is human tendency to get triggered, when someone speaks to you harshly. But yelling back will not help you in any way. Let the customer address his concern and do not interrupt him.

3. Collect all the facts and details

After letting the customer voice his concerns, you must speak to him and collect all the details to understand the problem. Speak to the customers genuinely and build a rapport with him/her.

4. Acknowledge the problem

If there is a mistake from your end, admit it and take full responsibility to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Also, apologize for your mistake.

5. Resolve the issue at the earliest

After collecting all information from the customer on the issue, you have to go forward and resolve the complaint. If resolving the issue is not in your hands, escalate it to the person who is responsible. If you resolve the complaint quickly, the customer will be happy and will be a loyal customer to you.

6.  Remember to thank the customer

After resolving the issue, remember to thank the customer for bringing the complaint to your notice and giving you the opportunity to grow your business. Doing so will make your customers feel, they are valuable and important.

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Types of complaints


Customers receive goods, which are not in the proper working condition. These kinds of complaints can be resolved, by fixing the product or replacing them with a new product.

Delivery of the wrong product

Online shopping is increasing each day. As the number of people who shop online increases, there will be issues in the delivery and there are chances of a wrong product being delivered. In such cases items should be replaced.

Long waiting period

A long waiting period will frustrate customers and there are chances of customers lodging a complaint. So, it is advisable to reduce the waiting period.

Misunderstanding need to be resolved

A Miscommunication between customers and companies, will lead to the customer posting complaints against your business. You should try to reduce misunderstandings, by hiring a knowledgeable associate care and adopting accurate marketing materials.

Hire smart Personnel

If an employee behaves in a rude and uncaring manner with the customer, there are chances of a customer getting angry and posting a complaint. So, customer care executives and other employees who have direct contact with customers should be polite and caring.

Reduce the reasons for complaints

Knowing how to resolve complaints effectively, is very essential for the company and at the same time, you should also work towards minimizing customer complaints in the future. This can help you to improve the quality of your business.

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