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How to resolve your consumer complaints effectively online?

IamCheated.com Research Team | August 28, 2019  5:59:pm

How to resolve consumer complaints effectively online?

It’s been said for a very long time, Customer is King. Every business, be it online or offline, aims for customer satisfaction. No business can be successful if customers are unhappy.

If customers have any issues with the products or services, they have all the right to raise a complaint and get it resolved. There are many companies who concentrate only on making money without bothering about customers.

There are also many fake companies, which are set up with the intention of making money by cheating customers. They give attractive advertisements to make people buy their products, but they end up selling fake products.

Not just this, there are many issues faced by customers these days. These include quality issues, delayed delivery, safety issues, adulteration in products and much more.

If you are a victim of fraud, don’t just sit tight. Take necessary steps to get the issue resolved. In this blog, we will discuss the ways through which you can resolve your complaints effectively online.

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How to resolve your consumer complaints effectively online?

Here are the various ways through which you can resolve your consumer complaints effectively online:

1. Website of the company

If you are not happy with the goods and services offered by the company, you can visit the official website of the company and report the issue. Many websites have a contact page or grievance page where you can report these issues.

2. Helpline number

You can call the helpline number of the company and report your issues. You can find the helpline number on the official website of the company.

Note: Don't rely on the helpline number which comes up on Google as it might be a fake.

3. Email Support

You can also report your issues via email. You must find the official email ID of the authorized members and report your issues through email. When you write a mail directly to an authorized person, they are more likely to reply.

4. Social media

Nowadays, people using social media are on the rise. So, it is very important for companies to maintain a good reputation online.  It is not good for companies if there are many complaints and negative reviews.

Hence companies always try to resolve the complaints which are posted online. So, if you have any complaints, you can post them online on social media in the comment box or the timeline of the company page.

5. Online consumer complaints forum

If your issues are not resolved even after contacting the company and taking all the necessary steps, you can file your complaint on the online consumer complaints forum. There are many online consumer complaints portal in India. IamCheated.com is one of them.

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