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How To Reverse A Credit Card Transaction?

IamCheated.com Research Team | April 27, 2018  7:35:pm

Do you review the credit card statement before paying off your bills? If you don’t, start right now. There are chances of some fraudulent and duplicate transactions taking place through your credit card.

Reviewing the credit card statement helps you identify inaccurate entries. Whenever you find such an inaccurate entry in your credit card statement, you must report it to the credit card company immediately and reverse the wrong transaction.

List of transactions that a customer can dispute and get a reversal

Fraudulent transactions: Any transaction made fraudulently from your card can be disputed.

Unauthorised transactions: Any transaction that was not made or authorized by you or others who have access to your card, can be reversed.

Refunds: If you have not received the refund that you were supposed to receive, this can be disputed.

Irregular transactions: If the purchase amount on your credit card, does not match with the receipt you have, claim a refund. For instance: If you have purchased a product by paying Rs 1,000, but if the amount on the credit card statement is Rs 2000, the remaining amount can be refunded.

Mistakes: A transaction that was charged more than once to your account can be disputed. For instance, if you have bought the product online and you are billed twice for the same product.

Cancelled transactions: A transaction cancelled by you within the cancellation time period offered by the merchant, can be reversed. 

Error in ATM transactions: If the ATM doesn't dispense the money or it has dispensed the wrong amount, you can put such transactions under dispute.

Cancelled auto-payments: If you have cancelled auto-payments on your card and in spite of this the amount is debited, you can get such a transaction reversed.

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