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How To Save Money While Shopping Online?

IamCheated.com Research Team | March 09, 2018  11:47:am

Online shopping has become quite popular these days. You get good discounts while shopping online, compared to shopping from retail stores. To save money while shopping online, you must do some research.

In this blog, we will give you some tips which help you to save money, while shopping online.

1. Always hunt for discounts and cash backs

To attract more customers, shopping portals often tie-up with banks, to provide cash backs on the shopping made through their credit or debit cards. Usually, these cash back offers will be available during special sales.

 So, you should always hunt for cash backs and shop during this time. Before purchasing a product, you should go through the terms and conditions like the minimum eligible purchase to avail cash backs, maximum cash back, when will the amount get credited and will it be credited to a mobile wallet or your debit/credit card.

2. Compare prices of the products

Many times after purchasing a product, you get to know that you could have obtained the same product for a lesser price from other shopping portals.

So, you should use price comparison sites to check the prices offered by different e-commerce websites, for the same product.  You should also set a price alert for the product, you are interested to purchase. You will get a notification when the product is available at the desired price.

3. Check if free delivery is offered

Check if the product will be delivered for free, or you will be charged for it. Some online portals offer free and priority delivery, for premium members. For instance, if you subscribe to Amazon Prime, there's no delivery charge for the next one year. Now, Online sites also display offers from different sellers for all their products. You will get to know if the seller is offering discounts and free delivery.

4. Check the review of the products

The biggest disadvantage of online shopping is sometimes the product delivered, could be a fake. So, you must be very careful while choosing the product. If the seller is offering great offers, check the review of the product.  Even though some reviews on the shopping sites are fake, there will be some genuine reviews which can help you choose the right product. If the product has got a very bad review, just stay away from it.

5. Use social media

Social media plays a very important role in discovering deals and offers. Following the dedicated Facebook pages and Twitter accounts of online shopping sites, you can get to know the offers provided by them.

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