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How To Save Yourself From Fake E-Commerce Websites?

IamCheated.com Research Team | April 12, 2019  6:33:pm

How To Save Yourself From Fake E-Commerce Websites?

Online shopping is gaining popularity day by day because of various reasons. Now many people prefer to shop almost everything online as it is very comfortable and time saving. Through online shopping, you can buy a wide variety of product at the comfort of your home. Also, it helps you to save a lot of money through various offers, discounts, and cashbacks. While online shopping is getting famous day by day online shopping frauds are on the rise. Fraudsters have set up various fake online shopping portals to cheat people in the name of offering products at the discounted rates.  

People get fooled by what they see. They are shown some great products on the website at a very cheap rate and they will be tempted to jump at the offer. Usually, websites which sell fake products do not accept cash on delivery and insist on payment upfront. After the payment is made online, fraudsters will either receive the fake product or they will not receive the product at all.

There are many such portals in India and a lot of people have lost their hard earned money by shopping on those portals. So it is very important to be careful while shopping from unknown online shopping portals. Do not simply get carried away by the offers and discounts. Instead, do some home works before paying your hard earned money.

Since e-commerce frauds in India are raising, in this blog we will give you certain tips which can help you to save yourself from falling prey to such frauds.

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How To Save Yourself From Fake E-Commerce Websites?

Here are certain tips which can help you to save yourself from fake e-commerce websites

1. Don't simply get carried away by the offers shown on online shopping portals and buy the products. Instead, you must do proper research about the company before purchasing from any unknown online shopping portals. Avoid purchasing if you have any doubt regarding the portal.

2. Go through the details of the online shopping portals such as helpline number, email id, and address. Usually fake online shopping don't provide contact details or they provide some fake email id or phone number which can be easily identified.

3. Opt for cash on delivery if you are shopping form the online shopping portal for the first time.

4. Have a look at the cancellation, return and refund policies of the Company. Avoid shopping from the portal which does not offer an exchange or return on product purchased.

5. Before purchasing the product from any online shopping portal you must look at the design of the website. Genuine online shopping portals will concentrate on having a good website design. On the other hand, fake online shopping portals will not worry about the website design. Also, there will be a lot of grammatical errors in the web content of fake online shopping portals.

6. You can also get to know about online shopping portals by going through its review. If there are many bad reviews about the portal avoid purchasing from them. If the website does not contain customers review, you can make use of Google to identify customers review.

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