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How to Save Yourself from Online Hacking?

IamCheated.com Research Team | June 07, 2019  6:49:pm

How to Save Yourself from Online Hacking?

Cybercrimes in India are on the rise. There have been many incidents where people have lost hard earned money to cybercriminals. Fraudsters initiate a large number of cyber attacks each day. So, it is really important to protect yourself and your family from such attacks.

We believe that fraud awareness is the first step towards prevention. Hence, you should be aware of frauds that are happening around and learn to stay safe. In this blog, we will discuss how you can stay safe from online hacking.

A recent incident of online hacking

An Amazon user had received an email stating that her registered email ID with Amazon had been changed. As she had not changed her email ID, she replied to this mail. This email bounced back and she decided to contact the Amazon customer care.

Before she contacted the customer care, she tried logging in to her Amazon account. She couldn't log in as the account was hacked by fraudsters. So, she asked her husband to contact the customer care. The customer care agent took her number and contacted her.

As both the registered email ID and phone number had changed, she had to convince the agent that the account belonged to her and it had been hacked. She was asked to provide certain details like last purchase made, address and other important info to verify her identity.

By the time she contacted the customer care, the fraudsters had already made purchases worth Rs 3,000 in gift cards. Amazon reversed the purchases and credited the amount.

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What to do if you are stuck in this kind of situation?

1. Report as soon as possible

If you are a victim of online hacking, you must report this to the concerned team immediately. You can report the breach either by calling up the customer care number of the company or by sending an email. While looking for the customer care number, don't rely on the number which pops up on Google. Instead, you must visit the official website of the company or bank and collect the customer care number.

2. Change the password

If you are able to login to your account after the breach, you must change the password immediately. The new password which you set must be different and stronger than the previous one.

3. File a complaint

In case you are a victim of a cybercrime, you must file a complaint at the nearest police station. While filing the complaint, you must provide relevant information so that the issue can easily be resolved.

How to save yourself from online hacking?

1. Do not login via unsecured networks

You must never login to a financial or banking website using public wi-fi available at a coffee shop, airport or any other such place. As public wi-fi is unsecured, fraudsters can easily hack your accounts and access all your data.

2. Make sure your password is strong and secure

Password is the main factor which helps protect your data from hackers. So, the password you set must be strong so that nobody can access your accounts easily. Avoid keeping birth dates or names of your family members as passwords. Your password should be at least 8-10 characters long and be a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters.

Avoid keeping the same password for all your accounts and also develop the habit of changing the password, often.

3. Update your smartphone or system with the latest updates

Update your phone and laptop operating system, OS, with the latest patches and security updates. Operating systems like Windows have regular security patches and updates.

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