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How To Secure Android Phones From Hackers?

IamCheated.com Research Team | August 22, 2018  6:40:pm

Smartphones have become an important part of our daily lives and life without a smartphone is quite hard to imagine. The first thing you see each day in the morning and the last thing you see at night, is your smartphone. We use smartphones for many things like ordering food online, booking cabs, transferring money to friends and family, paying utility bills, booking hotel rooms, movie tickets and so on. As we use smartphones for almost everything, we store a lot of confidential data like passwords, card details, and login details.

A lot of personal information may be stored on our smartphones, yet we don’t pay much attention to the safety of this data. In this blog, we will discuss some security tips that Android smartphone users can use, to keep smartphones safe from hackers.


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1. Lock your phone

The first step in keeping a smartphone secure, is to lock it with a screen lock pattern or a 4 digit PIN. Almost all smartphones have this facility. Some smartphones even have a fingerprint scanner where you can lock your phone with fingerprints. Locking your phone helps keep personal data safe from nosy friends and relatives. Make sure to keep a difficult screen lock pattern and PIN, so that nobody can unlock your phone.  If you do not lock your phone, other people can easily gain access to personal data.

2. Lock your apps

Many smartphones allow you to lock apps individually. You can lock the app with a passcode or with fingerprints. This makes sure that apps are safe and secure, especially when you hand over your phone to someone. It is advisable to lock individual apps like mobile wallets and online shopping apps. If your phone does not have this option, you can download third party apps from Google play store.

3. Download apps from trusted sources

It is advisable to download apps from trusted sources like Google Play Store. In the Google Play Store, most of the harmful apps are removed even before they reach users. If you download apps from other sources, there are chances of you downloading malicious apps. So, avoid downloading apps from unknown sources.

If you don’t want to download apps from an unknown source, you can go to settings > security on your phone and turn off "Install apps from Unknown Sources"

Before downloading any app make sure to check the reviews.

4. Install an Antivirus app

As fraudsters can steal data from your smartphone, you need to install a good antivirus app. There are a lot of mobile antivirus apps which can help protect your smartphone from viruses, which hack into your system. There are many security apps available in the playstore from known and reputed companies.

5.  Update smartphone and apps regularly

You might ignore updates received on your smartphone. But, it is advisable to update your smartphone operating system (OS) with the latest security patches and updates to keep it safe from fraudsters. Updating your smartphone with the latest updates also helps improve the performance of the phone. In much the same way, you should also update the apps, whenever new updates are available.

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