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How To Sell On Amazon India?

IamCheated.com Research Team | October 26, 2018  7:09:pm

Amazon is an online intermediary, which helps sellers connect with buyers across India. It is one of the largest e-commerce sites in India and allows sellers to sell a wide range of products. Amazon India has more than 1 Lakh registered sellers on its platform.  To sell products on Amazon, the seller must first register and list his products on Amazon.

Many sellers wish to sell on Amazon, but most of them are not aware of the procedure involved. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about selling the product on Amazon.

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What are the products that can be sold on Amazon?

Amazon is no less than a Mall. It allows sellers to sell a wide variety of goods like clothes, footwear, mobile phones, laptops, refrigerators, washing machines, books, cosmetics, groceries, automotive products, accessories, jewelry, kitchen items, musical instruments, watches, personal computers, toys, handbags, software, and stationery and so on.

Amazon restricts sellers from selling certain items and they have to seek approval before selling on Amazon.

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Details required to sell on Amazon

Sellers are required to provide the following details to sell on Amazon:

  • Business details of the sellers
  • Sellers mobile number and email ID
  • Tax registration details (PAN and GST). It is compulsory to provide GST details at the time of registration, if the seller is selling taxable goods. If you are selling GST exempted goods, then tax registration is not required.
  • Bank details.

How to register as a seller on Amazon?

People who wish to sell on Amazon India, can register themselves by visiting Amazon.in. They have to click on the "Sell on Amazon" option at the bottom of the page and follow the procedure.

How does selling on Amazon.in work?

  • After the seller lists his products on Amazon.in, crores of buyers see his products and order them. Once the order is placed, the seller can see and manage the order in the order management dashboard.
  • After the order is packed, Amazon picks it up from the seller and delivers it to the customer. Sellers have an option to upgrade to "Fulfillment By Amazon". Under this service, sellers will be allowed to store the product at the Amazon fulfillment center. Amazon will pick up the order from a fulfillment center and deliver it to the customers.
  • After the product is delivered to the customer, the amount will be deposited in the seller’s bank account within 7 days. The fee amount will be deducted.
  • Amazon also offers customized tips and suggestions to sellers to boost their performance and increase sales.

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Charges for selling on Amazon

Sellers don't have to pay money to Amazon for listing of their products at the marketplace. Amazon collects fees only when sellers get an order.

Benefits of selling on Amazon

1. By listing your product on Amazon, crores of customers see your products and this helps grow your business.

2. You won't be having the headache of shipping and delivery as Amazon takes care of it.

3. Amazon deducts the fee amounts, only after the sale. The amount will be deposited to the bank account within 7 days.

4. Amazon provides protection against fraudulent orders and payment fraud.

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