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How To Shop For Clothes Online?

IamCheated.com Research Team | August 01, 2018  6:53:pm

Many citizens prefer online shopping as it saves time and offers a huge range of discounts. But, you have to be careful while shopping online or it will cause you unnecessary headaches. Whenever you buy clothes online there are so many things to look into, starting from how genuine the website is, to the size of the clothes. In this blog, we will discuss how to shop for clothes online.

1. Shop from a reputed website

Whenever you buy clothes online, make sure that the website is secure and encrypted. You can identify if a website is secure or not by looking at the "https:// prefix at the beginning of their URL. There are some fake websites, designed by fraudsters, to cheat innocent people. After collecting the money from online shoppers they either send fake products or never send the product. We have been receiving many complaints against fake websites which send clothes of poor quality. So, always shop on reputed websites.

2. Check out the return policy

Before purchasing the product, go through the return and refund policy of the seller. Never purchase clothes from a seller who does not offer the return policy. If clothes don’t fit you, your money will be wasted. You should also check for contact details of the e-commerce websites. The website should contain customer support email id and phone numbers.

3. Check the reviews of the website

While purchasing clothes from any e-commerce website, make sure to check the reviews of the website. You can check the reviews just by typing the name of the website along with the word reviews in google. For example, if the name of the company is loot deals, you have to type Loot deals reviews. Once you search for this on google, you will find all the reviews on the company. If the website has got many bad reviews it is best to avoid shopping on that website.

You can also check the ratings and reviews of the product within the website. Amazon, Flipkart and Club Factory let customers post reviews on the product purchased. Looking at those reviews you can identify if the product is good or not.

4. Select the proper size

After confirming that the website is genuine, the next thing you have to do is select clothes which fit you. If you simply buy clothes without looking at the measurements, then you will have to face the headache of returning them. Online stores sell clothes manufactured by different manufacturers. The size of the cloths differs from one manufacturer to other. I personally have experienced it. I buy clothes of S size from some brands and M size from some other brands. So, it is advisable to go through the size chart before purchasing any clothes. You should also read the product description to check the material of the cloth.

5. Spot the fake product

You should be very careful while buying branded products online because some fraudulent sellers sell counterfeit products. Know the peculiarities of a particular brand and check the picture thoroughly to identify if the product is real or fake.


6. Compare products

After selecting a particular product, you need to compare prices across websites. For Instance, sometimes the price of a particular product will be higher in Myntra compared to Flipkart and vice-versa. This depends on the offers provided by the website.

7. Check shipping costs

Shipping costs and additional check-out fees can increase the price of products. Shipping costs differ from website to website, so you should compare and purchase products from websites which have low shipping costs.

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8. Try the clothes as soon as you receive them

Try clothes as soon as you receive them as online stores accept returns only within a limited time frame. Do not remove any tags and stickers on the products, because if they do not fit you, you won't be able to return them. 

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