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How to spot fake Xiaomi products?

IamCheated.com Research Team | December 11, 2019  1:16:am

How to spot fake Xiaomi products?

Xiaomi products are quite famous in India. The main reason why a lot of people prefer Xiaomi products is because of the pricing. Xiamoi offers products with good specifications at a relatively cheaper price; when compared to other brands. They sell a huge variety of products like phones, power banks, earphones, smart bands, USB cables and many others at affordable prices. Xiamoi phones are one of the best selling smart phones in India.

While Xiaomi products have a lot of demand, fraudsters are making use of this to cheat people and make money by selling fake Xiaomi products. Fraudsters sell the products which look exactly like the real thing. Last month, counterfeit Xiaomi products worth Rs 13 Lakh were seized in New Delhi. These fake products were seized from raids conducted at GaffarMarket, New Delhi after Xiaomi filed a complaint with the police. The company had filed a complaint as part of its anti-counterfeit measures.

In the raid conducted, more than 2,000 fake Xiaomi products were seized from four shops. The fake products involved Mi Earphone Basic with Mic, Mi Wireless Headsets, Mi Powerbanks, Mi Neckbands, Mi Travel Adaptor with Cable and, and Mi 2-in-1 USB Cable. Fraudsters even had some items which were not even launched in India.

After this incident, MI has advised its customers not to buy Xiaomi-branded products from non-authorized sales channels. By buying fake products you not only lose money, but it is also a big threat to your health and safety. These products are a huge risk to your data security. You won't know the dangers these products pose.

While Xiaomi advised its customers not to buy Xiaomi-branded products from non-authorized sales channels, it has also given some suggestions to identify fake products.

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How to spot fake Xiaomi products?

Here is how to identify fake Xiaomi products

1. Some Xiaomi products like Mi Powerbanks will have security codes that can be verified on the official website, mi.com to check the authenticity.

2. The packing of the fake retail boxes will be completely different from the original one. If you want to validate the original packaging, you can visit Mi Home or Mi Store.

3. Each Xiaomi product will come with the original Mi Logo. So check the logo before purchasing the product.

4. All the Mi bands and smart devices are compatible with the Mi Fit app. In case the band does not work with the app, you have to check the authenticity of the bank by visiting the Mi Service Centre.

5. All the batteries of the original Mi products will have a sign stating ‘Li-Poly’.

6. The fake Xiaomi USB cables are flimsy and can be easily broken. You should always use the original USB cables as the fake USB cable can spoil the smartphone.

Not just Xiaomi products, you must be very careful while purchasing any other products as there is a huge circulation of fake products in India. It is advisable to buy electronic products from authorized sellers rather than purchasing them from unknown shops or websites just to avail discounts.

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Be aware, Be alert

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