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How To Stay Away From Fraud While Filing ITR?

IamCheated.com Research Team | February 20, 2019  10:22:am

It’s the tax season and filing Income Tax Return (ITR), is the responsibility of each taxpayer. Filing ITR at the right time helps save you from penalties. Now, with the advent of technology, the preference is to file ITR online. Not just filing ITR, there are a lot of things which people prefer doing online.  As the use of online technology is on the rise, fraudsters are taking advantage and carrying out different kinds of fraudulent activities to make quick money. So, it is very important to be safe while transacting online.

As many people come forward to file ITR, fraudsters make use of this to cheat people. In this blog, we will talk on how to stay safe from frauds while filing ITR.

How to Stay Away from Fraud while Filing ITR?

As many people are falling victim to online frauds, banks and financial institutions have cautioned customers many times on how these frauds can happen and how to stay safe. The Income Tax Department has also alerted customers on the frauds that take place in the name of ITR. The department has told customers not to fall prey to fake refund messages and phishing mails, which are sent to steal confidential information.

The Income Tax Department has stated that they never make phone calls, send SMS and email to taxpayers seeking personal banking information like debit or credit card details, OTP, PIN, net banking details and passwords. The department has also said that in case taxpayers receive any such calls, emails, and SMS asking them to provide personal information, they must not respond. You must never share personal information or banking information to anyone over the phone, SMS, and email.

Last year, many taxpayers had received emails sent from addresses which looked similar to the original IT address. The email stated that taxpayers would receive a refund, as there was an error in calculating tax. The fraudsters had attached a link to the email. As soon as the link was clicked, the taxpayers' were sent to a net banking login page. Logging on to that page led to bank account getting hacked.

The emails were sent from the email address donotreply@incometaxindiafilling.gov.in while the original email address is donotreply@incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in. In the fake address, 'e' is missing from 'efiling' and ‘filing’ is written as ‘filling’.

Many taxpayers had received an SMS stating that the recipient has received an “income tax refund” and it included a bank account number. The SMS also stated that if the bank account number was wrong, the recipient has to click on the link in the message and update bank account details. As soon as the link was clicked, they were taken to a website which looked similar to the I-T Department's official website. There they were asked to provide certain confidential details.

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How to Avoid this Fraud?

The Income Tax Department has told customers to check domain name carefully while browsing online. Fake emails can be easily identified by looking at the spelling as there would be incorrect spellings and also incorrect email header.

In case you receive any phishing emails, do not open the attachment as it may have malicious codes. You must not click on the link attached. Even if you have clicked on the link, never share your personal banking information.

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