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How to Stop Android apps from collecting your details?

IamCheated.com Research Team | August 13, 2019  6:45:pm

How to Stop Android apps from collecting your details?

Gone are the days when phones were used; just for making and receiving calls. Now, you can use your smartphones for almost anything. There are a large numbers of apps; which can be downloaded to carry out various activities.

With the help of your smartphone, you can do various things like shopping online, booking tickets, paying utility bills, transferring money, playing games and much more. All this can be done by downloading various apps on your phone.

But, do you think all the apps which are downloaded on your phone are safe? No, not necessarily. There are many apps which are used to collect personal information. So, you have to be very careful while downloading any apps on your phone.

Have you come across advertisements which you have recently searched for; coming up on your mobile screen? These are the results of your personal information collected by various firms.

If you are worried about privacy and want to stop android apps collecting your personal information; follow these tips.

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Never give permission to all the apps you download

We download so many apps on our phone that we don't even notice the permissions we give while downloading the app. But, this is not a safe practice. Just giving permission is very risky; as you will be allowing the apps to access personal data like contacts, photos, chats, notes, storage and so on. This can put your personal information at risk.

Sometimes; when you download apps on your phone, you would be asked for some really strange permissions. For instance: Weather app can seek permission for making calls or accessing your gallery, which is not important. Similarly, a torch app can seek permission for SMS, call logs, and storage which is totally unnecessary. In such a case feel free to deny permission. 

So, before giving permission, understand what’s asked. Avoid giving permissions which have no relation to the function.

You can also manage the apps permission on your Android phones by following the below-mentioned steps:

1. You must first go to the settings section on your Android phone.

2. You then click on the 'Apps' option or Application manager on your smartphone.

3. Select the specific apps from the list and go to the permission section.

4. Turn ON and OFF; the button placed in front of each permission.

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