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If you are a TikTok user you must be aware of this

IamCheated.com Research Team | January 10, 2020  5:37:pm

If you are a TikTok user you must be aware of this

TikTok is a Beijing-based video-sharing social networking app which is widely used across the World. This application is used to create short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. This app is available across 150 markets, used in 75 languages, and has 1 billion users. It is one of the most-downloaded apps.

In the year 2019, India had 200 million TikTok users of which 120 million were active each month. TikTok has become very popular across the World in such a way that a lot of people are addicted to it. While TikTok is being widely used around the World, research conducted by Check Point has issued a warning to all those who use TikTok.

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The company has identified certain vulnerabilities in the TikTok app; which allows hackers to steal your personal information. These vulnerabilities allow hackers to send messages which contain a malicious link to TikTok account holders.

As soon as users click on the link in the message, hackers gain access to their TikTok accounts and take full control over the content they share. Through this access, fraudsters could upload unauthorized videos, delete videos and make private videos public. 

 “Data is pervasive but data breaches are becoming an epidemic, and our latest research shows that the most popular apps are still at risk,” Oded Vanunu, Head of Product Vulnerability Research, Check Point, said in a statement. “Social media applications are highly targeted for vulnerabilities as they provide a good source for private data and offer a good attack surface gate. Malicious actors are spending large amounts of money and putting in great effort to penetrate into such huge applications. Yet most users are under the assumption that they are protected by the app they are using,” Vanunu added.

The research also revealed that the Tiktok’s subdomain (ads.tiktok.com) was vulnerable to XSS attacks. It is a type of attack in which malicious scripts are injected into otherwise benign and trusted websites. The researchers used this vulnerability to gain access to personal information saved on the users' accounts which included their email ID and birthdays. 

The vulnerabilities were reported by Check Point to TikTok developers, following which the company has covered the issues to ensure that users can safely use the app.

“TikTok is committed to protecting user data. Like many organizations, we encourage responsible security researchers to privately disclose zero-day vulnerabilities to us. “Before public disclosure, CheckPoint agreed that all reported issues were patched in the latest version of our app. We hope that this successful resolution will encourage future collaboration with security researchers,” said Luke Deshotels, PhD, TikTok Security Team.

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