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IIT Postgraduate Arrested for Free Laptop Scheme

IamCheated.com Research Team | June 03, 2019  7:00:pm

IIT Postgraduate Arrested for Free Laptop Scheme

People love freebies, deals, and discounts which benefit them, financially. Unfortunately, fraudsters are making use of this and setting up traps to cheat innocent people. Fraudsters often create a fake website to provide so called unbelievable offers and discounts. But, these websites are created only with the intention of stealing personal details. Details collected through these websites are used to commit frauds.

Recently, a 23-year-old Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) graduate was arrested for committing this kind of fraud. He was running a fake website which carried pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and cheated people in the name of providing them Free Laptop Government Scheme on the Occasion of Re-election of the new Government.

Here is how he cheated people

The fraudster named Rakesh Jangid used BJP's Lok Sabha victory to sell a fake scheme. He had created a fake website in the name of distributing free laptops to 2 crore youth in India. To gain people’s trust, he had even used PM Narendra Modi's picture and "Make in India" slogans.

The scheme was named as "Free Laptop Government Scheme on the Occasion of Re-election of the New Government" and it was made viral on various apps including WhatsApp. 

According to the report, the users were asked to provide information like name, age, phone number and state of "registration". In just 2 days the website -www.modi-laptop.wishguruji.com- managed to collect information on 15 lakh people.

How the fraudster planned to earn money from this scheme?

The accused had planned to make money from this scheme, by selling the data collected to cybercriminals. Using these data, cybercriminals could extract money from people.

He had also planned to use Google AdSense to earn quick money. Google AdSense is a program developed by Google to help website owners and bloggers make money, by displaying Google ads. Under this program, the money is earned on the basis of page views and clicks on ads. He had received 1.52 million page views and more than 68,000 clicks for his website.

How did this fraud come to light?

The huge traffic became a bane for the website. While monitoring online activity, the Cyber Crime Unit of Delhi Police (CyPAD) noticed there was a massive rise in the website's views. They got suspicious by the heavy traffic and ordered an investigation.

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