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IndianMoney Review: Matrimonial Sites in India

IamCheated.com Research Team | December 13, 2018  5:02:pm

Matrimonial sites which are also known as marriage websites are quite popular in India and also among Indians settled in foreign countries. These sites act as an alternative to traditional marriage brokers and help people find life partners. According to a report, there are more than 1,500 matrimonial sites in India. IndianMoney reviews say that there are separate matrimonial sites based on religion and caste in India.

To find a life partner on the matrimonial sites, users have to register themselves by providing all the requisite information and a photograph. 

Advantages of matrimonial sites: IndianMoney Review

1. A lot of choices

The best thing about the matrimonial sites is they provide you with a lot of options. You can go through the profiles of many registered users and choose the best and most suitable.

2. Free Registrations

Most of the matrimonial sites offer free registration. You will not be charged money for creating the profile.

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3. Easy registration

Creating profile in matrimonial sites is very easy and simple. You are required to provide information like name, age, gender, phone number, and email Id. To start searching for life partner, you are required to update basic information. To get good results, you must update all the requisite information.

4. Affordability

Most of the matrimonial sites provide membership at an affordable price. This membership can be availed at any time to speed up your search.

5. Search as per your preference

You can search for profiles as per your preferences like caste, location, and occupation.

6. Privacy

Matrimonial sites use all the protection tools to protect the details of the users. So, there is no need to worry on privacy. They never disclose information to anyone without your permission.

Disadvantages of matrimonial sites: IndianMoney Review

While matrimonial sites provide a lot of advantages there are also many disadvantages. As many people are using matrimonial sites to find life partner, frauds in matrimonial sites are increasing. Recently, there have been many incidents where people, especially women were cheated while looking for their life partner on matrimonial websites. Fraudsters are targeting people through matrimonial websites to make quick money. IndianMoney review says that many people have lost lakhs of rupees to matrimonial frauds.

Real life example of matrimonial fraud

A woman was cheated of Rs 1.2 Crores by a US resident whom she had met on a matrimonial website. The accused introduced himself as a Los Angeles-based businessman. The accused contacted the woman on the matrimonial website, saying he was looking for an Indian bride as he found Indian women to be “good-natured”. After winning her trust the accused somehow collected around Rs 1.2 Crore from the victim in a span of 15 months.

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Rules for matrimonial sites in India: IndianMoney Review

To check the misuse of matrimonial sites, the government has implemented some rules which have to be followed.

1. It is mandatory for matrimonial sites to store the IP address of registered members for one year from the date of activation.

2. Matrimonial sites must warn users on possible fraudsters and ask them to report fraudulent activity on the website.

3. Matrimonial websites must name the grievance redressal officer on their portals.

4. The website should clearly mention that it is meant only for matrimonial purposes and is not a dating website.

5. The matrimonial sites must confirm that the user information is accurate.

6. Users must submit the required copies of supporting documents like address proof / identity proof for the purpose of user verification. The website must mention the list of legally verifiable documents.

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