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Is Open Box Delivery Service a better option?

IamCheated.com Research Team | April 17, 2019  6:36:pm

Is Open Box Delivery Service a better option?

Indian online market is growing each day and the number of people who shop online has increased rapidly. Through online shopping, people can purchase a wide variety of products with just a few clicks. Online shopping does not just offer convenience; it also helps save a lot of money through various offers and discounts. The biggest advantage of online shopping is products are delivered right at your doorstep and you don't have to visit the shop in-person.

While online shopping has got a lot of advantages, it has its drawbacks. Unfortunately, not everyone who shops online is happy with the experience. More than half the online shoppers face one or more issues and the most common issue faced by online shoppers is delivery of the wrong or damaged product. Many online shoppers have received the wrong product or damaged product, and there have been incidents where shoppers have even received stones instead of the product ordered. While this has become the biggest problem in online shopping, the solution to this problem is "Open Box Delivery".

Open box delivery is a kind of service, offered by some online shopping portals, on selected products.  In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know on open box delivery service offered by online shopping portals.

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What is Open Box Delivery Service?

Open box delivery service is the service offered by some online shopping portals, to ensure customers receive what they have ordered. Under this service, at the time of delivery, the delivery executive will open the package in front of the customer. In case the product is damaged, missing or different from what is ordered, the delivery executive will take back the product and the amount will be refunded to the customer.

How open box delivery service helps online shoppers?

Open box delivery service is very helpful for customers as they can see the product and send it back with the delivery executive, if the wrong or damaged product has been delivered to them. In the absence of this service, the return and refund process does take some time.

How open box delivery service helps online shopping portals?

Open box delivery service helps reduce the misuse of the refund service offered by online shopping portals. Most of the online shopping portals offer return and refund service, if the customer is not happy with the product received or if they have received a fake product.

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But, many fraudsters are misusing this service, claiming they received an empty box and seek refunds. Many online shopping portals have lost crores of money to this trick used by fraudsters. Open box delivery service can be a solution to this problem.

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