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Know about Indian Railways content streaming app for passengers

IamCheated.com Research Team | January 17, 2020  6:05:pm

Know about Indian Railways content streaming app for passengers

The Indian Railways is one of the world’s largest railway networks. It is recognized as one of the largest railway systems in the World, under single management. In India, a lot of people prefer to travel on trains as it is comfortable and less expensive. As many people travel on trains, Indian railways have come up with new facilities to provide great service to its customers.

Now, with the intention of making train travel more exciting/comfortable and generate more revenue from non-fare streams, the Indian Railways is all set to launch a content app exclusively for trains and stations. Through this new facility, railways will make money from the advertisements shown on the app.

This project is going to be led by RailTel under the Ministry of Railways and the Content on Demand (CoD) app will be launched very soon in phases. In the next 45 days, only 4 select trains will be getting this new service. In the next two years, Content on Demand (CoD) service will be rolled out in all trains. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know on new Content on Demand (CoD) service, the Indian railways are going to launch.

Everything you need to know on Indian Railways content streaming app for passengers

1. Passengers can watch shows while travelling in trains

This app is exclusively for train passengers and it can be downloaded on any smartphone, tablet or laptop. Various content like movies, music videos, general entertainment, lifestyle and so on, are provided in the app and passengers can watch this while traveling and even after the journey is completed.

2. High-speed content

The passengers can watch content at extremely high speeds with no buffering while the train is running. Content Servers along with Wi-Fi access points are going to be installed in train coaches and the content is going to be managed centrally through Central server installed at RailTel Data Centres at Gurgaon and Secunderabad.

3. The content will be available free of cost

The app follows the freemium model and passengers can enjoy the content, free of cost. RailTel is going to monetize this app through advertisements by collecting the optimum views for content and ad viewership. There will be a subscription model under which users can get the premium content by making payments. There will be no ads in the premium content.  Passengers can buy premium subscription by making payments through net banking or cards.

4. Available on all trains

This app will be available on all premium, mail and express trains. This service is also available on all Suburban trains and Wi-Fi enabled railway stations of the Indian Railways.

5. Content can be downloaded

With this app, the passenger can download high-quality content like movies, songs, web series and other content on their phones and can watch as they please.

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