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Laws and Rights Every Indian Should Know

IamCheated.com Research Team | January 18, 2019  6:11:pm

The Indian legal system has given a lot of power to the people who live in the country. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this power. Being a citizen of India, it is very important for you to be aware of the laws and rights that exist in the country. Apart from basic laws and rights, there are certain important laws and rights which everyone must know.

Laws and Rights Every Indian Should Know:

1. You are entitled to receive 40 Lakh cover if your cylinder explodes

As per the law, all registered LPG customers are entitled to a cover of Rs 40 Lakh in case of loss of life or damage to property due to cylinder explosions. This cover is for the entire family.

2. Only women officers can arrest women

Only women officers can arrest women and they must be present at the police station, for the whole time. Women have all the right not to go to the station if only male officers have come for the arrest. In case of a serious crime, male police officers should have a written permit from the magistrate to escort the lady.

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3. Women should be arrested before sunset

Women must be arrested before sunset and they have all the right to refuse to go to police station between 6 PM to 6 AM.

4. Women can lodge a complaint via email

Women can register a complaint via email or through post if they are not able to go to the police station to file complaints.

5. You can ask for water and use washroom for free in hotels

As per law, an individual is allowed to ask water for free at any hotels. You can use the restroom of a hotel for free even if you are not a customer.

6. A police officer is always on duty

Police officers are always on duty. If they receive any complaint or if they notice any crime happening around them, they cannot say "I am not on duty". This rule is applicable even if they are not in uniform.

7. Police can arrest you for drunken driving

While driving if a driver has more than 30mg of alcohol per 100ml in his/her bloodstream, police can make an arrest without a warrant.

8. A Police can’t refuse to lodge an FIR

If the police fail to file an FIR, she/he will be suspended and can even face a jail term.

9. Live-in relationships are not illegal

Live-in relationships are not illegal in India as long as both are adults. Children born out of live-in relationships have the right to parent's property.

10. A pregnant woman cannot be asked to leave the job

No employer can fire a pregnant woman from the job for any reason. Firing pregnant woman from the job is punishable with fine and imprisonment for up to 3 months.

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11. A single man cannot adopt a girl child

As per the law, a single man cannot adopt a girl child. This rule has been made to keep adoption of the child, safe and clean.

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