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List Of Recent Whatsapp Bugs And Scams

IamCheated.com Research Team | June 04, 2018  7:14:pm

Whatsapp has gained popularity all over the World and it is one of the most used applications. As people using Whatsapp are increasing day by day, the app has become vulnerable to some of the bugs and scams.

1. Whatsapp viral message of Jet Airways offering free tickets

Recently a fake message was circulated on Whatsapp saying that the popular Airline Jet Airways is offering two free tickets to everyone to celebrate the airline’s 25th anniversary. The message read, "Jet Airways Airline is giving 2 Free Tickets to everyone, To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, Click here to Get yours: jeta?rways.com/tickets." After this message went viral, Jet Airways took its official Twitter handle and tweeted “#FakeAlert, There’s a fake link being circulated regarding ticket giveaways for our 25th Anniversary. This is not an official contest/giveaway and we advise caution. Genuine contests and giveaways are hosted only on our verified social media accounts, indicated with a blue tick.”

2. Blocked users were able to send messages

The latest bug in Whatsapp allowed users to send messages to users who had blocked them. Not just sending messages, blocked users were even able to read statuses. Many Whatsapp users had tweeted on this issue. Now that the bug has been fixed, blocked users won't be able to send messages.

3.  Pizza Hut Scam

Another fake message which went viral on Whatsapp, claimed to be sent by Pizza Hut. The message read “Pizza Hut is Giving-away 4 FREE Large Pizzas to everyone on its 60th Anniversary. Get your 4 free Pizza at http://pizza.iixi.win/.” Once you click on the link you will be taken to the new page, where you will be asked to provide your personal information. After providing all the information, you will be asked to nominate seven more people. Through this, fraudsters were collecting personal information of users.

4. Hang message

Another forwarded message had gone viral on WhatsApp which created a lot of problems for users. The message read, “If you touch the black point then your WhatsApp will hang.” The message had a block icon. Once users click on the icon, WhatsApp hanged for a while.

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