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Looking for a job? Beware of Fake Job Offers

IamCheated.com Research Team | May 06, 2019  4:30:pm

Looking for a job? Beware of fake job offers

Getting a job in a reputed company is very important in life and it is a dream come true for many people. If you have a job you’ll have peace of mind and above all, social security. Imagine how your life would be if the salary is not getting credited to your account on the 1st of every month.It is very difficult to survive in a world where expenses go up almost every day, right? This has made people strive hard to find a job in a reputed company. While a lot of people are looking for jobs, fraudsters have come up with various tricks to cheat them and make quick bucks.

There are many fake recruitment firms in India which are cheating job aspirants in the name of getting them jobs in reputed companies in India and abroad. Increase in the unemployment rate and easy access to the internet has made it convenient for fraudsters to target innocent people. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about fake job offers and how to stay safe from such frauds.

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How do fraudsters cheat job aspirants?

1. Most of the fraudsters make use of online job portals to access job aspirant’s information.

2. After the information of job applicants is collected, fraudsters send emails to selected candidates by posing as job consultants.

3. They even set up fake websites and temporary offices in order to make people trust them.

4. After contacting job aspirants, fraudsters ask them to pay the registration fee online.

5. To make the procedure look real, they take telephonic or online interviews for the candidates.

6. Once the interview is done, candidates will receive fake appointment letters.

What kind of job aspirants are normally targeted?

These are the people targeted by fraudsters:

1. People who have registered themselves on job portals.

2. Who have little to no work experience and aren’t highly skilled.

3. Candidates whose verbal and non-verbal communication skills are not good.

4. People who are in their early or mid-20s.

5. Candidates who are from tier 2 or tier 3 cities.

6. Candidates who have graduated from colleges that aren’t well reputed.

Methods adopted by fraudsters

1. Sending phishing emails to candidates

Sending phishing emails to job aspirants is the most common method used by fraudsters to cheat people.

2. Setting up fake websites

Fraudsters develop duplicate websites in the name of reputed companies, job portals or government departments to trick people. They post job offers on the website and collect money from candidates in the name of registration fees.

3. Fake campus placements

In case of fake campus placements, fraudsters contact officials of colleges in small towns by posing as job consultants. They collect money from them by promising jobs for their students in top companies.

How to stay safe from fake job offers?

1. Make use of the official website

Go to the official website of the company to apply for the job instead of replying to some mail sent to you.

2. Do some research about the company

If you are applying for a job in an unknown company, you must do some research about the company before moving forward. Go through the official website of the company. The job posting might be fake if the company does not have an official website.

3. Never make an advance payment

No reputed company will ask the job seeker to make any kind of payment during the hiring process. In case you are asked to pay money in the name of a registration fee or anything, kindly stay away from them. Don’t be lured into paying money for the job offer.

4. Don't fall for the offers which are too good to be true

Never fall for the job offers which are too good to be true. Making attractive job offers is the trick played by fraudsters to attract people.

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